Wednesday, September 27

Posts from BSP Camp

Back from Suntec City with a headache. I went with a headache then was ok when I was buying a handphone and then it came back to haunt me. I so HATE headaches.

But a happy thing is I BOUGHT A NEW PHONE... whee. samsung e900. It's a classic beauty. I love it to bits. My beau (:

Just now I was clearing and checking the messages on my handphone then I found 2 smses which I used to type my blog posts during BSP Camp in June this year. I was wondering if I should delete and forget about it but my decision in the end was to come online and blog it. Actually its nothing much. If you're interested, continue reading. Otherwise kindly click on the white cross in the red box on the top right hand corner of your monitor. Thank you.

(I dunno the order of the entries, and there are somemore entries written on foolscap papers... another time... )

Currently at the third lecture of the camp. Sitting at the front row and the speaker kept looking over at the sector my group is sitting in. I am trying not to fall asleep but it is hard cos everyone else' s falling asleep. And I am suddenly having second thoughts about going to CampERCI. I'll have to travel to Bukit Timah for the camp but well it's a service learning camp ohwells. I am just being hesitant. I will go in the end. Boring lecture. 40 minutes to go.

Leaving SSS now for DHS. I have this unwillingness to leave. An unknown unwillingness to break camp. The sky is blue. The grass is green. Nothing has changed but camp has ended. The facils are going out for dinner together at Causeway Point but I cant go cos I am meeting Jason and team for my POH project. Just now I handed out the messages that Shu Min and I wrote for the other facils. Then I like bu she de. Hm I may not've enjoyed the camp totally but it definitely made up part of my memories. Especially being the facil of shaolin, I may not be very close to them but they are really a wonderful lot. They wrote me a note and gave me their flag. They also seemed to like the bookmarks I made for them very much. BSP camp may not be the best but it is definitely not the worst (:


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