Saturday, September 9

Nanjing Trip

Just eleven more hours to go before I head for Nanjing, China. Mixed feelings I have now. My buddy's a really nice girl and she told me she has a doggie. Waha hope I can stay calm and not start screaming when I see that doggie. Whee at least I can experience how it feels like to have a pet for a week? I am looking forward to meeting my buddy and her family. But I don't feel like leaving Singapore, leaving everything behind... though it's for two weeks.

I am gonna miss Singapore and I know I will miss Nanjing when I am back in Singapore two weeks later. But at least I know I have a hospitable host to make my first week stay a pleasant one. How blessed I am.

Sometimes it is these things that make life wonderful, that make life worth living, that make life... life.

Went for the 'Forbidden City' musical at the Esplanade just now. I happened to meet YY at City Hall Stn. We are so fated cann. Initially we arranged to meet up at 2pm at City Hall then I thought I'll be late and told her to go herself first. Then we ended on the same train and only 1 cabin away from each other.

Ah how nice life is sometimes.

I like the musical very much. Some of the lyrics are really meaningful. I didn't buy the cd nor the booklet. Cos I have everything stored in my mind. Some lyrics which I like: (Some might not be correct so I can't exactly remember hee)

1. Why love when love hurts.
Why love when love ends
Why love when there is peace in making friends

2. Children need mother
lovers need each other
rivers need sea
prisons need key

haha that's all I can remember... I feel like how the Empress felt sometimes. That no one understands, that no one cares. But I think when you look around you, you might find love. Love comes in many forms.

And you know what, I feel loved by my family... cos of this Nanjing trip. I feel loved by my Nanjing buddy cos of the friendly emails she sent me. I feel loved by my friends when they tag.

Conclusion: Love is everywhere. Look around you.

I havent finish packing for Nanjing. There's so much to bring and I think I may not be able to sleep tonight. Cos I may just wake up and keep checking if I left anything out. Gonna wake up at 4am, that is if I am able to sleep.

40% excited.
20% worried.
20% scared

In the meantime, love and be loved (:


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