Thursday, September 28

Fever vs Ice Cream

I have a fever but I want to eat an ice cream. My granny bought some Cornette ice creams and I am dying to eat them. Sheesh. let me try to suppress my craving for a few minutes and if unsuccessful I will be away savouring a yummy ice cream (:

hmm I read shumin's blog. Her latest post is supposed to be pictorial fun-filled but apparently her blog has some problem and I can't see the pictures! there's supposedly a photo of me labelled 'diot bel' and she nicknamed me 'lovesick goddess'

Oh my sister. I am so NOT love sick.

I am already surrounded by love from friends and family. So loved that I felt so blessed. But I know her 'lovesick' refers to those boyfriend type but hello I am not ready to commit and currently indulging in my fantasy romance... which is oh-so-sweet.

Ha Did I tell you that my new handphone's such a beau? Love it to bits.

I watched 'John Tucker Must Die' with Pei Yu at Cine just now. Cool and funny but I will rate it as so-so cos I didn't like the ending. I was hoping John Tucker would change and become faithful but well I guess the film maker insisted on the 'A leopard never changes its spot' logic. Oh well.

The rope burn wound on my left hand is turning out to be pretty ugly. Grr I am tempted to peel off the dead skin.

That's all for this post I guess. I am going off to gulp down gallons of water to fight my fever and maybe treat myself to an ice cream. whee.

It's a blessing to give than to receive. That I have always believed.


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