Sunday, September 10

Nanjing Trip Part II

I am still awake. I have finished packing my stuff for the trip. Listening to the song 'Di Yi Tian' on fm933. Shall go off after I listen to it. I can't find my polyclinic medication... have to ask my mom tmr. That's the consequence of last minute packing. I am feeling numb. This is a choiceless trip. But I am blessed enough to have a nice buddy. But right now and right here, I am not excited. My heart feels heavy once more.

The song has ended. But I don't want to go off yet. Sheesh. I hope I won't shed any tear at the airport tmr. 2 weeks only ma. Scared what. Brave through the storm and be a warrior, bel. GO GO GO. Conquer your fears and you will ascend to greater heights. BE STRONG, DON'T CRY.

And I think I said the wrong thing to someone. Me and my big mouth. Alright I am off to Nanjing. I may blog there if my buddy allows me to use her computer. Otherwise I will write my blogposts in my new notebook then post them when I get back on the 24 of Sep. Ha I just remember I never post the posts that I wrote at BSP camp wahaha. another time.

CYA. Take care everyone. All the best for those taking O'levels and those with upcoming tests and exams. Thank you and sorry to Jason, Boon Kian and Sun Lu that I can't help anymore with the report. But I am crossing my fingers for our team to be shortlisted and hope to receive good news when I get back. CYA.

gonna miss Singapore and you whole people loads.

I don't want to leave but I have to go.


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