Friday, September 1

Presenting a new blogskin (:

Yay finally finished editing the new template. Looks good huh? ;)

I had been sitting in front of the computer since noon. Had been an extremely sedentary creature today. Ah my diet's gonna suffer. And you know what? I woke up at 1pm today after sleeping at 1am last night. A whole solid 12 hours. It has been long since I slept so soundly and got enough sleep. I had some funny dreams last night though but I cant remember what they are. Just pieces of the dreams so it will be quite hard to describe them here.

I just had my dinner. Should be going offline soon then will be coming online later to type out the minutes for p.o.h meeting last night. And also to do my reflection for the final report.

I was hosting the pictures for my new blogskin at when I came across the photos taken at the Chicken Little outing last Dec if I didnt remember wrongly. We had lunch at Pizza Hut after watching Chicken Little at PS. And Vijay gave us a treat. I miss CPA camp and Chicken Little!!

If it is not from the heart, it is not worth doing...


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