Friday, September 8

How true.

Are You A Star Crossed Lover?
Who is your perfect date?


You are an amazingly earthy girl. You have strong confidence in your own judgment; being in a relationship with an equal brings out the best in you. You will not hesitate to compromise if you feel it is the fair thing to do. You are not a clinging vine nor will you go against your principals just to be with someone. You plan way ahead and usually have your mind made up long before a decision is needed. You would rather stay at home and read a good book or work on a report that you want to get an A on than go out with someone that does not interest you. You are cautious about your feelings and work hard at not getting your feelings hurt. You will walk away from a confrontation if there is a chance of making a fool of yourself. Relationships do not come easily for earthy girls - many of them are loners. Trust is SO important to you that you will not give your heart away too quickly.


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