Wednesday, September 6


I have decided not to bore you people out there with the details of my tough day. It's not going to entertain you much and I am lazy to relate all the terrible details so let's just forget it. I didn't manage to get any ethnic costume today but I got souvenirs from PS. I had a hard time deciding what to buy but well. I eventually bought something. Finally. One thing off my list.

I also bought myself a gift.

There are two words on that crying face which I failed to focus with my camera and so there's no photo of it. It says 'DON'T CRY'.

It may seem weird for me to get such a gift for myself. But I just want to remind myself not to cry when times are tough. Not to give up in times of adversity. It would be great if I have friends who buy this type of gifts for me la but come on. Not everyone knows how I feel or how emo I can get.

Today many things happened and I kept on reflecting and kinda criticizing myself non-stop.

I was not a good leader for I sacrifice my group item to complement others. This is something that our nation leaders will not do. This is something that a good leader won't do. Therefore I am not a good leader. I failed in my duties to fight for the welfare for my group members.


I am not used to arguing with people. I tend to give in. I prefer compromising to fighting. But well I don't think I did the right thing today.

This morning, I reached school yet I couldn't get anyone to unlock the classroom for us to use. My group members had to put up with the stuffiness at sec4 study area.



Do not cry when times are tough

Do not give up in times of adversity.

Be strong. Persevere.

Ah but still I am very sorry people.

How come you are still striving to be the soul-giver when you can't even help yourself?


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