Saturday, September 2

Hey baby!

I just watched the 'Hey baby!' show on Channel 8 hosted by Evelyn Tan and her husband, Darren. It's about marriage la. Yea I know kinda irrelevant to me... but whatever I like this type of lovey dovey show about others. wahaha.

Then there is this couple with the wife currently pregnant. Then they were classmates in primary 5. At a class gathering, the guy fell for the girl. Then he only plucked up courage after 5 years to woo her. 5 years leh! Alamak. Wait for 5 years. That's so different from the current-new-century guys =S

Anyway they are happily married. Yep. Yes the show is indeed very irrelevant but I think it's quite useful to couples... like how to spice up their marriage and maintain good communication. Ohya here's a tip:

There are FIVE love languages.

Which 5?


1. Gifts

2. Service

3. Verbal Affirmation

4. Special Moments

5. Body Contact

Hehe. Interesting eh. I didnt know that these are considered languages. But well you go judge for yourself which love language you prefer. I have no comments about that currently.

Purely single and not available. whee. singledom = freedom.

Yea anyway we had parent-child day and SC handover ceremony. I have a sudden urge to post some words of appreciation to the teachers and SCs. As well as comment about the bonding my mom and I did during the conference. But I think I have to go type out the minutes for my p.o.h meeting. I have procrastinated for too long. I shall blog about today's events asap. Hopefully with the photos I took.

Today's a fun and loved day (:


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