Wednesday, July 12


What's with current dunmanians arh? Where's the integrity and sensibility and morality and humanity?

In simplier terms, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM?

honesty is a virtue. No one is a perfect saint but at least you keep your conscience clear. Dont do something without thinking and then feel guilty. You will REGRET it. Everything will be too late then.

Dont think that only when you are commiting a crime then that's a crime. Dont think that there's nothing wrong with entertaining a random thought about a crime. Cos as long as you think of commiting a crime, it's already a crime and you've already lost part of, if not all of your integrity.

I always have full confidence in dunmanians. But well i must say i am disappointed after something happened to someone close to me.

Tell you what, you better start feeling guilty and return whatever that is not rightfully yours. Otherwise you face the undesired consequences.



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