Friday, July 14

I wish I wish I wish...

I wish for a simple wish.

That is to have 48 or more hours in one day.

That's so simple right? But how come no one has granted it for me? Ok maybe cos' I dont have an angel. Or becos' I am already someone else's angel.

You may think this is nonsensical but I need something to relax my brain. Had our last Art Club meeting cum handover session just now. It wasnt exactly formal... just simple. And I also realised that I cannot remember what happened in my sec2 yr in DHS. I think I was too stressed out by my duty as a monitress then to really remember what happened. But I do remember Mrs Lim SK and I miss her loads. Just saw her jus now and she remembers me (:

I am relaxed enough I guess but I have a long list of things for me to do. And somehow the list seems endless... new things-to-do just keep on adding on to the list... a never-ending list. How sad. I have to try to clear of some of the things tonight. There's still art club open house duty tmr... but I have to reach an hour earlier to work on the balloon sculpturing for csc booth.

I feel like I am trapped in a double limbo. why double? think about it.

On a lighter note, I just checked my horoscope for today on

Your horoscope for Friday, July 14, 2006
Relationships are a big deal to you. Sometimes, it feels as though you're always looking for someone who can reflect your every thought. That could explain why you you're so picky. But now you could be considering a major relationship with a guy, or a deeper friendship. Open your heart.

The first part is true. I do look for someone who reflect my thoughts and hopefully every thought. But it's impossible unless the person's as complex as I am. As for the second part, it is unfortunately invalid (: There is obviously nothing for me to consider lalalaa~

I cant even open my own heart and see what's the problem behind my lack of motivation lor. What an irony bleah.

Random post... Just trying to rant out my frustration. I am gonna read up the news on Zidane later. I hate myself for sleeping like a pig during the worldcup finals. oh man.

No more candies, chocolate and snacks for me. The trip to the dental bus served as a wakeup call to what kind of damage I am doing to my teeth for eating more. Maybe it's one way of helping me stick to a healthier diet too =D

I want to watch pirates of carribean II. Gimme more time...

Simplicity is life. How I wish to lead a simplier life.


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