Tuesday, May 9

My favourite Fuji Apples!

Whoa I am currently munching on the fuji apples my mom just bought. Nice nice =D

I managed to chiong finish the Lord Of the Flies book just now. I am SO glad.

Currently cyber-surfing for some reference for the assignment. Most prob not using much otherwise have to acknowledge. So mafan.

Everyone seems to be doing LA and I think I better get started soon. I am in some kind of trouble right now... And if I can complete part of the LA assignment tonight then the problem'll be solved.

Maths revision is more or less alright. I am just afraid that I might confuse everything together at the point of the test tomorrow. Ah. I hope not.

Today's a memorable and teary day I must say. Yep. Haiya better blog less and start on LA. cya.


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