Sunday, May 7

37.5 degree celsius.

I am feeling NOT so fine. I am sick. Second time this yr and inclusive of sore throat. I was worrying abt pe tmr when I saw yiling's tag that there's no pe tomorrow. What a major bummer. Ahhhh there's nothing for me to look forward to very much tomorrow.

I HAVE to sleep early tonight. no more late nights for me. I always say that but I cant seem to implement it. My health's deteriorating and who knows... I might be shortening my life-span in the process.

Talked to Ms Tan on the phone just now. She will be heading off to level camp with the sec3 and malaysia and I am handed the very heavy responsibilities of checking and submitting the proposals for the service learning project competitions.

I am stressed also because I dunno how to solve my brother's p6 maths examination papers. Actually I am not bad le laa. Out of like 8 questions I solved 6. Currently left with 2 but I felt too sick to solve them. Any smartypants out there willing to rescue me? ^^

Now my teaching career seems so bleak. I cant even do p6 maths. Ah. I need enlightenment.

Btw my weekly horoscope at is super accurate. Here's how it goes:

May 7- May 13
You'll probably feel mega-productive and creative this week, Gemini! You may find yourself filling sketchbooks with pictures or writing lots of poetry. Whatever it is, go with it! You'll be amazed at how great you feel when you let your imagination run wild!

how accurate (: and with response to the poem I last posted... hmmm no one asked me about it. Good. It shows that all my readers are all literate or simply cos no one reads my blog lol. I decided not to consider the latter.

Alright. Hope all goes well with the service learning projects, the career guidance workshop, my friendships, my tests results, my academic work, my movie wishlist as well as my friends and my health (:

do take care people... and take your temperature when you think you are having a fever ^^

have a healthy lifestyle... eat regular meals inclusive of 2 portions of fruits and vegetables each day, drink at least 8 glasses of water and EXERCISE!


Gimme a pair of wings to grant me admission to heaven.
Gimme an angel to fill my life with hopes.


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