Monday, May 8

End of my World

I feel so sick. So out of this world. I dont feel enthu at all today despite getting sabo-ed countless of times by Miss Koh Shu Min and Miss Cecilia Cao Shuang... Soccer's ok. But i prefer last week's one, its more fun and not so competitive. No one's at fault laa. After all interclass is nearing...

We'll be getting back our maths test tomorrow and I am not exactly postitive abt scoring a good grade but at least I hope I dont flunk the test.

Miss Pear is coming back next week. Let's call for a celebration. I did really badly for my last geog assignment. And I kinda lost hope in the subject. I am praying hard that Ms Pear could rekindle my hope in the subject and motivate me.

Chem was not exactly fine. Not used to the way the lesson's conducted. And I miss Mrs Phua! Absence definitely makes the heart go fonder.

Career guidance workshop. My DISC results totally disappoints me. I am not saying that it's inaccurate. It is accurate to certain extent but... it totally makes my future seem bleak. My dream career dont fit my personality at all. And you know what... My personality changed in merely 6 months' time. From last Dec to this May, from an S/I to a primary C.

Well everything happens for a reason. I shall not let the results influence me working towards my ideal career. I am trying hard to.

I seem to be starting to lose hope in everything.

Sheesh. I just remember that I forgot to tell Yuhan abt the two service learning competitions in school. I am getting so stressed about these competitions. I am entrusted the responsibility and I am trying hard to cope. Pls try to understand. I am someone who finds it hard to say 'no' cos I hate rejection from others. I dont have a choice. I really dont.

My horoscope for the first ten days of May is so dammit accurate. I will be super stressed till I fall sick and thats precisely what happened.

I need enlightenment. I need a break.


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