Wednesday, May 10

LA essay complete!

whee!! I just completed my LA essay on LOTR. Ah so happy. It's pretty crap but I am surprised that there's so much I can crap. The book is actually quite interesting and I am counting on this assignment to determine if I should take e lit as H1 next yr. But after thinking abt it, Biollo's standard might be a bit too high so if I flunk the assignment oso not surprising. I hope not ><

There's so many nice movies to watch! Should I catch one tmr? But I am afraid that I will be late for tuition. Haiya see first bahs.

da vinci code is nc16 after all. I will not be 16 then but my twin is 16 (: Guess I will be catching it soon after all. 9moredays!

18moredays to my very-special day ^^ I am looking forward to being 16... all the privileges ah. I will be old ><

Today's been a relatively good day. Phy lessons were kinda boring. On the verge of falling asleep. Geog lessons. We examined rocks and stones... YL and I started smelling them LOL. It was pretty hilarious. Mrs Lai will be leaving tmr. haiz. how time flies~

Biology. Revised the format for viva. twin and my viva's on next wed and I am lucky number1! Shall study for it this weekend but I will be going to my grandparents' hse on saturday to celebrate mother's day and on sunday I will most probably be meeting janice to settle some stuff for hrss. ohwells i will find time.

Recess. Ate my butter cake =)

Maths test. The whole class was irritated by the high-pitched screeching voice next door and the noisy noises. Twin 'tsked' then darren and I started to 'tsk' also. Cos i cant concentrate. GRR.

Chinese next. Continued watching that film. I actually took a nap in between. hehehe. Tried doing maths assignment but I got so irritated cos I couldnt get the answer. Went to the canteen. Ate rice. I was the slowest cos I played the number game with cecilia and huanglin LOL.

E&I. AW.

Chemistry. Hilarious and entertaining (:

took bus home with twin. Then I walked home from mrt station. I think I saw Wayne Lim from CPA camp at my void deck. He was looking at his reflection in the window panels as he walked lol. should be him bahs. can roughly recognize his height.

alright. thats abt it. I look forward to a fun-filled and meaningful day tomorrow.

ohya. Thanks to William kor for returning me the game cd on time. ah was so surprised. haha he most prob wont see this but thanks anyway (: and you owe me tp's chicken chop ^^

life is a river I wanna keep flowing


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