Thursday, May 11

Comments for Twin's latest post

Hm just read twin's latest blog entry and yea I am commenting on it. Not on the tanjeefee part but the chinese proverb part.

Shi qu le cai dong de zhen xi. Meaning only treasuring after losing it. Which is also referring to being regretful of not treasuring before.

Well I've always been reflective on this chinese proverb but I never seem to be able to behave in a way such that the phrase will not be used in my life.

This proverb has proved to be very true in just 5 short months by first Ms Pear, then Mdm Nora then Mrs Phua.

I dunno what else to comment except that it's human to err. But sometimes it just might be too late... to make up for some things. Some things might never be the same again. And in some cases, some people might never be there for you to treasure again.

Yep. There's only so much I have to say about that bahs.

Hm been thinking about my future alot and discussing it with twin lately. Uncertainty seems to be hindering my thoughts about the future ah. everything seems bleak.

I've handed in my subject units survey and the cca option list. I am staying in CSC and most probably in SC and quiting Art Club. Although I feel like joining odac... well... I dont think I am up to it. Volunteering work suits me better.

I chose 9 subject units altogether: H1- E Lit, PW, GP H2- Phy, Chem, Maths
As for E lit I might be reconsidering it. Its either E Lit or Econs laa.

Phy, Chem, Maths. can I cope with these three subjects? I am not exactly exceling in them but I am not flunking them either.


Got back the Maths test we had yesterday. I got the average score. The good thing is that I passed the test. The bad thing is that I seem to be lagging in class. It's either everyone's improving tremendously, otherwise I am deproving or not improving at all.


Have not been paying attention in class lately... Slacking mode. I was either chatting and joking with twin and cecilia otherwise I will jus be stoning and daydreaming.


I need to do some self reflection and tomorrow's the right time. Vesak day (; Will be going to the temple in the morning... Hm excited.

the undescribable feeling whenever our eyes met


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