Sunday, August 7

yahoo! astrology

was just checking out yahoo! astrology and this is what it says abt gemin for today and tomorrow.

Daily overview for August 7,2005 (Gemini)
Quickie:You can't do it all in one day. Start small with your goals, and be persistent.

Overview:It's time to break the ties that bind, especially if all said ties are doing is keeping you tethered to the past. Take the first step in figuring out how to leave your memories where they belong -- behind you.

This is creepily true kaes. Esp the overview. I definitely need to leave my memories where they belong and thats behind me.

Daily extended forecast for August 7, 2005 (Gemini)
One of the most satisfying things in life is writing up a to-do list and checking off the items one by one until -- at last! -- you reach the end. You've got enough mental energy to fuel a freighter, so direct some of it (if not all of it) to tackling the items that have been hanging around and gathering dust for far too long. Once you're finished with that, you can breathe a hearty sigh of completion and take a well-deserved rest.

Daily Teen forecast for August 7,2005 (Gemini)
Catch up on old emails you've been collecting in your inbox. A quick note will suffice for friends you see regularly, but write a long letter to a close friend who's been on vacation. You'll get a nice present when they return.

Daily overview for August 8,2005 (Gemini)
Quickie:Choose wisely, but choose something. Taking no action is the worst choice of all.

Overview:Communication may start out a little rocky, but keep your cool and by midafternoon, you'll have your old gift of gab back -- and then some. Hold off on big negotiations until then.

Daily extended forecast for August 8,2005 (Gemini)
All talk and no action can make some people mighty irritated if you don't figure out how to back up your flights of fancy with some concrete work. You excel at spinning tales and coming up with one great idea after another, but it's about time to put your money where your mouth is. After all, you're a lot more versatile and multitalented than you think, so why not demonstrate those skills by building something solid?

Daily teen forecast for 8 august 2005 (Gemini)
Be careful talking to your family today. Sometimes they just don't get you, and to avoid misunderstandings, you'll need to clarify what you really think. Luckily, if you make the effort to communicate, things will really improve.


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