Sunday, July 31

aw almost 12am

aw its almost 12am. just completed chinese essay on NKF CEO durai. yups. wrote lotsa crap scolding him. scold until super shuang. who asked him to be soooooo dishonest ? *disgusted look

anyway theres maths test tmr. didnt really revise anything this weekend. sigh chem test on tue and theres chem tuition tmr. hafta take bus to tuition all by myself after film editing lesson. cos dad not free. hmm but he wld be fetching mii home after tuition. yayy.

went to ruth's hse to do geog proj this afternoon. wore contact lens early this morning and went for a haircut. my hair's layered now. more layered and shorter. and my fringe kinda short too and my mom's like telling the hairdresser to cut shorter. argh.

after that went to mac for breakfast. alright calories but whatever.

then went home. and got ready. walked to mrt station. took a different route this time. erh yups. hmm was 5 minutes late. meeting the rest at eunos mrt. huishan was there. she didnt recognize mii at first. hahas. contact lens' fault laa >.<

when everyone came then took bus to ruth's hse. crapped and niaoed and chit chat at her hse. hahas. super fun and i laughed till i cried. really. the tears jus kept rolling and my eyes were watery the whole time there. was intending to wear contacts to sch tmr but decided not to anyway theres a maths test tmr. so it wldnt be much help if the lens jus popped out in the middle of the test. so no no.

hmmm well. i am tired with life. seriously am tired. someone... take me away. far far away from this place of memories. yups hahas. i am not sad. jus tired. and i am praying really hard that i dont flunk the maths test tmr. and may there be more questions on factor and remainder theorem and less on graphs (: please. wishing upon a brightly-shinning star*

hmm so yups. thats abt it. gonna catch my beauty sleep. tata for now (: goodnight...

missing you. thinking about you
i hate to see your backview.
i hate to see you leave.
if you could live for 100 days
i would choose to live for only 99 days...
cos i dont want to live for one day without you.
pooh&piglet <34eva


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