Thursday, August 4

postcard writing anyone?

first period was maths. then geog. went to toilet to change. hahas my clothes were really casual. orange sec 2 level camp tee and violet op bermudas. px looked super cute. huishan was a really cute amah too heeees. while yi ling, jess, ruth and jh looked feminine. hahas.

skit was fairly well. i guess i like the caltrate advertisement part. i said biocal instead of caltrate. hahas. oops. but it was nice to see ppl laughing LOL. at least the atmosphere is not so tensed yea?

hm then joanne's grp's skit was nicee too. hahas they brought lotsa toys and stuff. were really well prepared. the SK advertisement of Jeannette Aw was definitely done by Liwen laa. hahas. the Ou Xuan fan.

then darren's grp. quite nice oso. darren took jh's medicine for our skit. hahas. then he was like examining it. the tourism board part was really interesting. lol and chongthee the newscaster. where news can fly, you can fly. hahas

did evaluation after all the three grps had presented. still cant really believe that we actually got second highest. of cos the guys were the highest. isnt it like soooo obvious? hahas. but really they not bad laa.

urm after geog went to toilet to change back into uni then chiong down to the chem lab for practical test. it was just like any practical. niceee. titration rawks. although sigh. i short cann. i had to tiptoe to see the volume of the liquid in the burrette hehehes. then i always shot the indicator to red instead of orange. hahas. the second time was cos the door slammed due to the wind mahs. then i accidentally released too much liquid into the conical flask. ohwell.

after practical went to canteen to makan. ate white pasta. it was raining really heavier. see me cry in the pouring rain, hear my heart shatter with such hurting pain. the atmosphere jus right for this phrase right. hehes.

after recess went for LA in AVT. watched extracts from twelfth night then wasnt very comfortable with the switching on and off of the lights. then kinda headache. then went to LT for chinese. watched the mv. my grp's mv wasnt that bad. it was much clearer when shown on the screen but that mousie which came out in the beginning was kinda spastic laa.

anyway the other mv-s were really impressive and niceeee. esp peiyu's mv. she was really shy and embarrassed cos she had the most scenes in the mv. well you did a great job girl. should be proud of yourself. hehe i am proud of you peiyu (:

the other mv which i like is erh by chiyu's grp. the 'ta hai bu dong' one. its veh nice. really. cos theres rain too. hehehes. i like the song from belinda's grp mv. 'may i love you' by zhang zhi cheng. listening to it now.

replied peiyu's postcard jus now. whee writing postcards really fun. i jus decided to use the pink towel-like piglet bag to put my postcards and stickers etc for letter writing. it was originially used to store my zen. but nv. the shape suits that of envelope so yups. hahas. postcard writing anyone? (:

had aust maths competition after school. hmm not too bad but it is not a good idea at all to have the competition in the auditorium. i have to slouch to write and shade the answers. my spine is long. argh. then the lighting wasnt that good as well. uh uh. then mii and yl handed in our papers and went off together. went back to cls to find jh. then went downstairs to canteen to eat. ate fried wanton and peach tea. then eileen wanted to treat us to fruits - honeydew, grapes and kiwi. but we insisted on paying her. she said she too full cant finish eating. hehes i love fruits. thanks alot eileen (:

then crapped and chatted while eating. lotsa niaoing. kaes its not lotsa. its A LOT indeed. heeees. after that took bus home. hmm gonna listen to mr ken's twelfth night lectures by tonight. jingles said the online lessons will be off tmr. so yups hafta jiayou.


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