Tuesday, August 2

potato chipppps

woots. my dad and mom jus came home. bought lotsa mangoes and potato chipps. then i veh ga chiong went to take mango and eat. yuckkkae its unripe lo. super duper disgusting. yucks. managed to finish eating one but put the other in the fridge. argh.

was flipping thru last year's home econs book and sec one de. then suddenly have the urge to cook. wheee jingle and i making jelly and sandwiches for teachers' day did i mention that in my previous entry? i dun think so unless i have such short term memory >.<

eeeeyer jh and yl so secretive lorhs. got things to tell mii dun wan say. eeeeeyer. still blackmail meee.... ahhhh. argh such meanies...

being born on a certain day in may is not good u noe. hahas thats my birthday and my bday flower happened to be daisy symbolising pure - dan chun

then everytime i oso dunno wad the others talkin abt sigh.... hahahas like now lorh. blackmail mii. wahhhhh.

ohya there's lotsa potato chipps in my kitchen now. wheee. gonna work out really hard then treat myself to those lovely titbits. LOL


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