Friday, August 5


Sigh I don't know what to say. Currently at a loss of words. There is this extremely sour feeling inside of me and the tears are threatening to fall.

Today was a great day in school I think. Played captain's ball during PE lesson. My team had 5 members while Cecilia's team had 6 people. Sorry hold on.

Just received a call from twin. Not going to elaborate because there is no need to.

Now I really got the urge to cry. Maybe I should just go and sleep and forget everything. Or maybe I could die in my sleep and live with my memories forever. Take my memories away and I have no point of living. Leave my memories with me and I remain a troubled person forever.

Power struggle. WDH invented this term. It's such a freakingly sarky term. I am in a really unstable mood right now. Provoke me if you have to and you better WATCH OUT.

Dual personality. That's not a freaky term. That's a term used to describe Geminis and HDH did I know some people of other horoscopes actually possess this dual personality. FREAKISH. I was still happily listening to the radio and now EVERYTHING IS RUINED.

Let me calm myself down by talking about today. Where did I stop. Oh yes. Captain's ball. Ran all over the court to get the ball. Really good exercise and Captain's ball really rawks.

After PE, went back to class to get notebook and TN for LA. Watched extracts of TN. Went to BSP room for CSP lesson. Nearly fell asleep. Went back to class then did physics. After recess was Geog. Nothing much.

Art Club was rather slack today. Taking bus home with Pei Yu, Chip and Cecilia was great.

SHYT. I can't calm down. Really agitated now. I don't know what to say. Yep my heart is broken. It's like so fragile and I am going to get immune to heartbreaks soon.

You don't know how much your words can hurt sometimes. Your actions convey one meaning and your words speak the other. Perhaps you are just a jerk. a freak. I really thought you were nice and stuff. Guess I was wrong. So wrong about you. I wasn't clear-minded enough.


I will and can control my emotions. I am not letting them get the better of me. I shall not let the tears wet my face. And let heartbreaks shorten my lifespan. Someone who is worth my tears won't make me cry. You are definitely NOT worth it.

I hate people around me getting hurt. I just hate seeing their sad faces. But why do I allow myself to get hurt so easily. WHY.

The person I am referring to above might not be you or who you think. The identity of this person is only for me to know and for you to guess but please. No oversensitivity PLEASE.
thank you very much.

Loving you makes me an angel without wings. I realised that the wings let me fly but loving you just makes me fall deeper and deeper into a bottomless pit, into extreme darkness.

Memories or reality. I would choose to live in my memories forever. Take my memories away and loneliness would drown me. But if i take my memories with me as I live in reality, I would be living in torment and sorrow for the rest of my life. Which would be more miserable. Chang tong bu ru duan tong.

Time shall heal my wounds and let the memories fade.


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