Sunday, August 7

Serve the community. Make a difference (:

today's post will be a pretty long one since so much had happened today. Today had class cip. Woke up at 725 then my dad fetched me to bedok. reached there at 750am. Was reading my national geographic magazine for a while before i saw jh. the others were late. then yl came and we headed for mac. jingles' already there. we were having breakfast together. when the three of us walking into mac then i was like so excited upon seeing jingles then i speed-walked a little and this guy was sticking out his foot and i ALMOST tripped but lucky my balancing skills saved my life. And it was so embarrassing that i didnt dare to look back to see who's the culprit and started commenting on how striking jingles' camp tee was. Jingles, jh and I wore our orange sec2 level camp tee while yl wore the black sec3 level camp tee. so we makan as we chatted. and the tea tasted funny. i added two packet of coffeemate into it. but still its drinkable so yups. then after we finished eating, jingles started mixing all the different sauces together turning it into something really disgusting and you wouldnt be interested to see it. And it reminds me and jh of sth. hehe

then yy was very late. hahas. da pai. and she turned up in her uniform which made yl a little angry. bwahahas the ever so loyal student of dunman high school (: then there were 2 guys sitting 2 tables behind us and we suspected that they were the Socrates. Then jingles wanted to call them to confirm so the five of us rushed out of mac and jingles took out her hp to call. Then mii and jh went in to investigate, to see if any of them picked up the phone then in the end, jingles didnt call. It was really exciting and er yea childish. but you noe self-entertainment. It was early in the morning. hehes. after much pondering and toleration i decided to just go and 'confront' them. wow brave arh. hahas.

so i went up to them. without thinking about what to say and said 'hello are you the minds thing?' Yes theres mistakes with my sentence but anyway. the guy in blue just said 'ya yes' straight away and told us to wait for a while. then we went to the other table and sat down with everyone laughing at my spastic greeting. sorrie laa. i laughed till i cried. ULTIMATE MALU-NESS.

then jh said 'eh you said minds thing like they from minds school like that' then i was like 'oops' and then that guy in blue called me and said' eh i am not from minds' OOPS sorry~ hehes

then we went over and he told us to sit down. i was the only one who sat down and the rest all standing so it was pretty awkward laa. like odd one out. and i was saboed to sit down cos i was the representative WOW. There was the signing in of our service and collection of kit kats and the donation ticket booklets. then we headed to the ntuc area and started our community service. We started selling at 9am. And i felt pretty accomplished having finished up both my booklet one and the half hour later. everyone was working very hard and doing very best for MINDS. We definitely deserve a pat on our shoulder. So after the first round of selling the tickets i gave a pat on everyone's shoulder hahas abit childish but still its a good-intention gesture ok!

we went back to mac and got more donation ticket booklets. Our energy level is really running high and of cos our young hearts getting more enthu and determined to help the less fortunate. We continued selling. The residents at Bedok are really kind and generous. A BIG THANK YOU HERE TO ALL OF YOU. YOU DEFINITELY MAKE OUR DAY AND YOUR DONATION WILL HELP MINDS A LOT IN THEIR RELOCATION OF THEIR SCHOOLS (:

After the second round of selling, we treated ourselves to jollibean's pearly soya bean milk YUMMY =) Community service is definitely a pleasure and a meaningful way to spend your weekend. It's all about making a difference. We met some difficulties while asking around for donation. The NKF saga has definitely lowered the confidence level towards charity organization of many Singaporeans. But as long as we do not give up, we will be able to touch their hearts with our sincerity. And of cos we are there for each other, cheering and supporting each other all the way (: We are not doing it for the hours. We are doing it and walking this extra mile because we are sincere in helping the less fortunate. The hours dont even matter.

Yesterday i was complaining about a boring day and everything but today. A meaningful day. It's just a little gesture and the spending of a part of our weekend to collect funds and aid MINDS with the relocation of their schools. Kaes back to the events that happened today.

Hm ya we went back to mac to sign out. Told Wenxiang- the guy in blue and the i/c of the station, that we will be helping out next week and at the carnival too. He seemed really pleased. Then we went to the ladies after submiting the money to them. The others told me that i havent sign out and when i went to them to get the paper to sign out. I saw my signature there already and i was abit puzzled. did i sign at the 'sign out' column? Then WX and Alex (issit?) were laughing. Turned out that WX forged my signature and the funny part was that he signed it nicer than i did wow. LOL pro laa.

then after that jh, yy and i went to hangten. wanted to get red t-shirts for tomorrow. Saw this really nice shirt. and it was 13 bucks. Decided not to buy it as it was pretty ex. Had been kinda broke ever since i bought zen. Sigh. Then headed for Watson. Hmm Took a long time to get what i wanted. Bought c&c face wash and er oxy 5 pimple cream.

then jh went off halfway while i was choosing my stuff and yy and i decided to go to princess cinema and catch a movie. didnt know where the cinema is. wanted to go yy's hse initially then decided to go somewhere to shop. So we just boarded the mrt heading to boon lay and passed each station aimlessly. Then decided to alight at City Hall. hmmm shopped around then decided to catch a movie cos our legs were tired. Imagine walking around the whole of bedok bus interchange for so many hours... Our poor legs. so went eng wah cinema. it was 250pm then. and the 'charlie and the chocolate factory' movie started 5 minutes ago. Asked the GV person about the ticket price. OMG super ex. then decided not to watch. went in search of a place to sit down and rest our poor legs. went to kfc and bought the rancho pockett meal. then we ate at kfc for a few hours. eating and chatting about alot of stuff. Then i forgot to change the drink for my meal and it was pepsi. I havent been drinking carbonated drinks ever since i came back from germany. Yups a changed lifestyle/diet i supposed. Pepsi, sprite, sasi are all no-no for me. Dont ask me why. Maybe i drank too much of these last time and grew sick of it and the gaseous feeling inside of me makes me feel disgusted. Whatever. I just dont like them now. So i decided to finish drinking the water in my water bottle and poured the pepsi inside the bottle and da bao home for my brother. being such a nice sister has a price to pay BECAUSE my water bottle now smells of pepsi. yucks!

hmm then was about to walk to the bridge linking to citylink when we saw clarissa and francesca. they were selling the donation tickets. We helped them to sell but everyone's shopping and it's really tough to get donation in a place with such quick 'human-flow'. But i managed to help them sell a few tickets. There was this teenaged-guy. I asked him if he wld like to get a ticket and he jus stepped up to me, seemingly interested and his friends walked past saying 'you good!'

then when i was about to explain about MINDS, he said' sorry i really want to buy but i no money with me' in a jokingly manner. URGH. gosh. hey this is community service. no joke. if you think its funny, well thats your problem but it's NOT funny AT ALL.

I was still like quite glad to know that teenaged-guys are not so bad. aww. how wrong i was. yy and i decided to walk to the other side of city hall, near funan mall. There were 3 tickets left in the booklet then and so yups we went.

There was this really funny incident which happened to us there. There were this foreign couple. Yes they are really tall. And yy and i was standing in the middle of the pathway. yea i noe it was wrong but it didnt really occur to us at that time. So they were walking towards us and holding hands and when they were passing us, they didnt let go of their hands and they just raised up their hands together above us. and walked past us. yy and i were both shocked. hahas nothing like this has happened to us in history before. hahas its really pretty cute as you can see the contrast in height. but its like unbelievable. we seemed so tiny standing between them. LOL. yy commented that she felt like she was playing london bridge (: creative mindset har. hahas

then we managed to sell one ticket to an elderly auntie. Yups. Then we bought the remaining two tickets. Headed to the outside of erh raffles city. fran and clar went to submit the funds they collected. Saw wx collecting the funds and packing kit kats. bwahahas. me and yy stood beside the escalator and waved. hahas. then took mrt home with them.

hmmm today's a meaningful day and definitely bond the few of us haojiemeis together. hahas. Really looking forward to another meaningful sunday spent next week. And of cos hopefully a breakfast with my sistas (: Gonna listen to the LA lectures. tata.

Serve the community. Make a difference (:


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