Saturday, August 6

a boring saturday

last night was terrible. i can't sleep. and this time is REALLY can't sleep AT ALL. totally terrible. i am really glad to see twin's tag. pls take care girl. don't worry abt me (: i will take care too.

so last night i decided to depend on the sad songs in my zen to put me to sleep. I was blasting the earphones of the zen until i got such a terrible headache. Had a great urge to cry but no tears drop. See. Told you I am immune to heartbreaks le laa.

Then i had a headache so i switched my zen off. then i remembered the song which fm 933 always play before the music diary starts. Then i started humming and tears welled up in my eyes. Yea. I am not that strong anyway. then i fell asleep. Sigh.

Had been slacking today. Oops it's 430. supposed to let him play computer now. But he didnt come in to remind me so ohwells. i shall wait for him to do so. Download lots of songs into my zen. I wan a gmail account. hehe

there's cip at bedok tmr. Will be selling donation tickets for MINDS. It's gonna be alot tougher after that NKF saga la. But I will do my best sincerely for the less fortunate. I will walk the extra mile for them. Cos I am me. I shall dedicate myself totally to Community Service. It has always been my dream to join a Community Service Club and I know my dream is coming true.

Anyone else interested in Community Service Club in DHS? It's an official CCA but just that it hasn't be announced. Do join if you have the passion and commitment. heeee. Time is an important factor in your consideration. Everyone's getting really busy. Join if you are willing to walk the extra mile with us (:

I have some registration forms with me so find me if you want or look for the teachers in charge. Miss Christine Tan and Mrs Koh Swee Ling. Thank you (:

So well. I almost lost sleep last night and I think I will be losing my appetite real soon though I think I consume a little too much calories today. Thanks to the cookies >.<

Well I will get on with life. I know I will. And I will definitely live on better without you.


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