Sunday, August 7

kudos to shumin!

sheesh. i failed to kill a mosquitoe a few minutes ago and i am pretty sure its gonna feast on me tonight.

anyway i am really supposed to be listening to the LA lectures but i really have to dedicate a blog entry solely to my darling twin- tada jingles~

before reading on, maybe you wld like to check out her blog.


Didnt know she has such a talent in insulting and getting back at others and letting others know that she is not fun to be provoked. GIRL POWERRR~

She knew how to scold. She knew how to insult. She knew how to apply her skills learnt in history lessons. And she is such a pro in english. wonderful. I have such a fantastic twin.

Three cheers to Jingles!!! urm do i hear applause? LOL

anyway i really must thank her. for bringing me back to reality. has kinda been drifting off to lala-land sometimes. she is a wonderful twin. made me see the side of people in true light. And i am really grateful to all my haojiemeis for all the talks and advice and everything. Thanks to Juehui, YunYin, YiLing. Thank you very much. Sistas forever.

I have to thank Pei Yu too. Hahas she definitely adds lotsa colours to my life. has been taking bus home with her these few weeks. and i really enjoyed those chats and everything. though the chats were light hearted and stuff but still i am grateful. i am learning to be grateful to everyone around me and appreciate them and acknowledging their presence cos i dun wan to regret. i dun wan to take them for granted.

Yups. guess i am off to the LA lectures. Tata ppl.

and whoa national day is round the corner (: wheeee cheers!


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