Wednesday, August 10

yayy new blog template

yayy tada. my new blog template. love it to bits. this is like my favourite of all the blogskins i have used before. its so colourful and cute. pooh!! wheee. well there are actually some reasons behind my sudden change of blog template. i have never liked the editing of blog template. its jus so tedious. and evidence is that i spent the past few hours editing this latest template, when i could have listened to the LA lecture videos.

oops yl jus called and reminded me abt the biology poster we have to do. I clean forgot abt it. Gosh. my grp's doing on magnesium. Gonna look for information later.

Alright back to the reasons.

Reason One:
I realised that I don't have to wait at the bus stop anymore. Or at least I wont be waiting alone cos i have my friends. They will always be there for me and they wont let me wait alone. They are always there. Cos they care.

Reason Two:
I dun wan my life to be black and white anymore. It should be filled with colours. colours of my life. Colours of the rainbow. Colours of friendships. Why should I live in the past and paint everything i see black and white only. its jus so nonsensical.

Reason Three:
Jus happened to stumble across this pooh and friends template. Thought that it was cute and significant. See arh. The pooh in the picture is Jh. the tallest of all. I am the piglet, the shorter one beside her. And she is always teasing me and boasting abt her height. LOL.

Shumin is also the piglet. We are twins mah so we appear as one. Bwahahas Two of A Kind. Yeps thats us.

As for the tigger and eeyore, of cos they are yl and yy. Maybe tigger is yl bahs. then yy is eeyore. whee thats us. Sisters foreva (:

Hm didnt meet up with jh today. Felt slack and we wldnt be able to do much constructive stuff even if we meet so decided to meet online.

i love my blog template to bits.

i love you. you love me. we are happy family...

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everyone is loved. no one ever walks alone (:


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