Tuesday, August 9

national day

the computer has been on since morning and for more than half a day. whoa. i seriously wld appreciate if my parents get me a laptop so that my room will have more space. ok thats just another excuse out of annabel's logic.

was discussing abt LA with jh. We should be filming tmr. at least thats the results of my flipping of coins. the lead is still is mystery. we shall wait and see. and jh is a smartypants. really. asked her the maths question from my younger brother' worksheet. and bingo. she knew the answers. such a pro kia. thats what sistas are for. helping each other thru times of need. jus like me in a current state of maths crisis. boohoo. my maths deteriorating.

nah. maybe cos my brain too complex and full developed liaos. so the maths question are too easy for me. hahas. another excuse laa. boo

slack for most of today. except for the few moments of brainstorming and cracking my brain for the A* maths questions. argh. didnt even listen to LA lectures today. but i listened to music diary on fm 933. the story was abt this guy's never-dying love for his mei. and he learnt to play her fav song on the piano, jus for her. wow.

and my dad was kinda fed up with me. i ate a few mouthfuls of wanton noodles and rushed into the room to listen to the radio station online. how did i noe it was 8pm then. then i listen till 830pm then went out to the living room and finished eating my dinner. hm the power of music diary (:

well i guess i am very much enlightened by myself today. read twin's blog. hahas she is so enthu abt national day. i really dunno how i enlightened myself. but well i jus did. all the logics and stuff. i finally forced myself to wake up to reality and accept it, and let go. even my horoscope for this week is urging me to let go and move on.

spent most of my time today doing quiz on

check out this website. as you can see, its for girls only. but if any of the guys out there are thick skinned enough, do check it out. its a nice website with quiz and stuff. and theres gurl game. really girlish and maybe even childish ones. but wad the heck. jus to spend the time or at least keep my mind off some things which i shouldnt think of (:

gaming really helped. after writing the ever-so-miserable entry yesterday i went gaming and wow. the power of gaming. i slept soundly last night. bwahahas

and the power of words... i found a pack of bookmarks i bought a few years ago at a buddhist exhibition. its for charity so i bought it. yeps and the bookmarks have really interesting, logical and meaningful phrases like 'with love in heart, you'll be loved by all'

yups i agree with twin. the power of words indeed. and these few days of trauma and the roller coaster rides have also made me realised the power of sisterhood. sisters/bff forever. was listening to the song dedication on the radio station this afternoon then suddenly got the urge to dedicate songs to my dearest haojiemeis out there.

here's to juehui, shumin, yiling, yunyin and peiyu
thanks for always being there for me. all your company and help are greatly appreciated. i will never forget the laughters and joy we shared. as well as the time we spent gossiping and the strong bonds we share. the passion and commitment for community service. you guys jus rawk! love you forever (:

i dun need love in my life. i am contented enough to have my friends and family (:

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