Monday, July 18


ahhchoo excuse me... i think i caught a cold but ohwells. lotsa interesting things happened today and i jus had to come online and blog abt them. oh i feel another sneeze coming... ahhhchooo. LOL

set my hp alarm to ring at 715 this morning. then at 7am exactly my phone rang but the tone wasnt that of the alarm. jingles sms mii. and i was practically still in lala land. she said she is in sch and she dun see any sec threes around. well for ur info its tltm week for dhs and so all e learning. no lessons in school. then i told her to wait awhile laa. we were supposed to meet at 8am and erh 7 am is supposed to be a little bit too early har? replied and i went back to my dreamland. then my phone alarm rang and i switched it off. then a few minutes later it rang again. that of a sms tone. it was jm. told mii to delay time cos he was late. woken up by another sms. hahas. then might as well dun slp le lorhs. in case the whole of 3j started smsing mii. lol

anyway thats not possible and too exaggerated. whatever. washed up and changed into pe tee and skirt. then mom bought beehoon home. makan then dad fetched mii to sch. mom was kinda like nagging in the car. telling mii not to watch movie during this tltm week. must make full use of time and stuff. and the nagging finally stopped when she saw this almost empty 196 bus. then she said if the bus dun have many ppl, must sit near the driver in case got perverts or molesters on the bus. but just what if that bus driver is one? LOL

jh and i cracked a joke and laughed at it while in germany. its sth like chiobus see se lang (perverts/molesters etc) they run. but se lang see us, they run. geddit? hahas. if no, then jus forget it kaes. kinda slow har >.<

alright anyway reached sch then saw 3j girls at the foyer. jm was there already and i was even LATER than him. and he was the only guy. then went to bsp room to watch liang zhu. omg its super sad. liangshanbo died omg lorhs. then when zhuyingtai going to her husband's hse to get married, she requested her parents to let her pass by his tomb to pay offering to him. then her dad was evil. BIG MEANIE. told the servants to change the route so that she wont see his tomb but heaven arranged for her to go back to the old route. then when they refused to stop the carriage she jumped out of it and landed on her knees. awww the power of loveeee. tears filled my eyes at that part. then she jumped into the tomb and be with liangshanbo forever. when the show ended i was clapping. yayyy. the chair at the bsp rm was super hard kaes. my back hurts. and these chairs are the main culprits of poor postures resulting in youths. erhem!

after watching then walked to bio lab for practical. whlie coming out of the bsp room. i nearly stepped on a dead cockroach. yea laa its dead but i dun wan to dirty my socks cannn.

upon reaching bio lab i took down the chair then sat down then ms loh came over and talked to mii abt doing cip reflections. then i was putting back the chair onto the bench cos she told mii and jh to move to the front. then i couldnt put the chair back properly and ms loh helped me. i forgot to take my prac paper she helped me. i didnt noe my pencil case wasnt zipped and 3 pens dropped onto the ground and she helped me. gosh i am super clumsy.

prac was horrible. and i broke a test tube. first time in history year 2005. i remembered breaking a measuring cylinder last year or the year before. i didnt put it on the bench properly and a wind blew it and it fell into pieces. wow huh hahas

after prac jh, yl and mii took bus 158 and went to bugis for lunch. ohya i have this fear towards the mrt door nowadays. let me tell you why. last wednesday we went to orchard with our nanjing buddies. 28 of us altogether. all from 3j except for eddy i think. then we sorta split up to shop then met up again at the mrt station to go home. when the train came i let the nanjing buddies go in first so i was the last to enter the train and that dumb dumb door began closing and caught my bag and debbi bear in between and i screamed. yes. i screamed SUPER loudly in public and i fell and nearly flatten someone whom i dun see the need to mention here. LOL. its super embarrassing. and since then onwards everyone remembered mii getting caught by the train's door and my loud and high-pitched scream.

thats why it has becum a joke whenever we take mrt. i will always ask to enter the train first in case. jus in case history takes place again u noe (:

oh i digress. hahas. alright so we had lunch at the food junction at bugis. we went to the spageti stall and i ordered sweet and sour chicken with fried rice and mushroom soup. yl ordered black peppered chicken with the fried rice and soup as well. we 'sold' one of our soup to jh and shared the other one. i fell in love with the stall's chilli sauce and i actually went back for a second helping which is kinda uncommon for mii.

then we ate as we chatted and of cos i got niaoed. talking about boyfriends and stuff. not that we have any but we were kinda like predicting our future and our friends' future. yl said i look like i will get a bf in jc. no comments. hahas =X lets jus wait and seeeeeeee

yl's supposed to be back in school by 150pm and mii and jh had to be back by 2pm for cip. we only finished eating at 145pm and that meant we were late. we took the mrt to kallang then a taxi back to dhs. yl went for her cca. jh and i then realised that mrs koh and jiamin they all had left for cip at konghwa pri without us. cos we were late by erh a few minutes. i called mrs koh and she said we should have called her earlier so she can wait for us.

but its too late laa. so mii and jh took bus 30 to old airport road then we alighted in front of the hawker centre and walked towards the overhead bridge. decided to go to 7-eleven. we bought 2 snicker bars and got a free basketball. that cashier gave mii a mini soccer ball at first but i requested for a change. hehes. i love bball.

then we crossed the overhead bridge and didnt noe which direction to go. so i called charmaine. then we continued walking. it was raining and we took turns holding the umbrella. then we crapped and chatted and laughed LOL. then we reached this big green dewy patch of grass with a small pathway in between. yea we walked through that and came to a dead end. not really a dead end. we thot that was a dead end then we reached broadrick sec and i phoned mrs koh again. she gave directions and we were about to crossed another overhead bridge when i saw a student from nanyang girls and i asked her where is konghwa. she said she wld show us the way. turned out that she was a former student there. she walked with us to the traffic light and then we realisd she was actually going home in the opposite direction yet she took the effort to walk us to the traffic light and show us the direction. nice girl. so sweet. THANKS ALOT (: but i dunno her name. heees. then we finally reached konghwa pri and mrs koh was waiting for us at the gate. whee.

today is the official opening of the Community Club where students do cip and voluntary work. I am honourably the first member to join and jh the second. anyone interested pls kindly contact me or the teachers in charge, namely mrs koh and miss christine tan. pls show your support (:

digress tsk tsk. then we started teaching tuition. we reached at around 3pm plus. we dunno the pri sch kids so we jus hang around. yeps turned out that there were other students from dhs other than art club members. after tutoring for a while, we had refreshments and then activity time~ didnt really participate. after that we were dismissed. walked outside to the bus stop. crossed the overhead bridge. this was the THIRD overhead bridge me and jh crossed today. super tiring i must say. boarded bus 197 and alighted somewhere at payalebar. then crossed roads. jiamin walked to the bus 21 bus stop. jh and i continued walking towards the paya lebar mrt. we were walking by the side of the busy road and it was dangerously dangerous. and bus 155 just zoomed past mii. argh. then jh crossed the overhead bridge over to the mrt station. aw thats the fourth one. hahahas.

while i waited for the bus 155 at the bus stop. the bus finally came and i boarded it. reached my stop and alighted. walking towards the traffic light when nursyahidah greeted me from behind. talked abt the cip hours mrs soh still owed us. hahas. then i gave her my contact number and yeps we went separate ways. reached home, bathed then had dinner. dad fetched me to tuition.

today's tuition was not that bad. but i was tempted to close my eyes and fall asleep but luckily i didnt. it was quite beneficial. i learnt abt yield percentage. ohwells. today's a busy but gd day. and i think i will be finally getting a zen neeon this weekend. wheee. tmr's gonna be e-learning day.

though my mom disapproves but eh movies anyone?


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