Sunday, November 12

I want a DVD Player

I've calmed down somehow. I was so fuming mad jus now. Dammit look at my tagboard. I was like venting my anger there. Nonsensical crap.

Yea I want a DVD player badly la. And my parents refused to get it for me. What's the point of borrowing DVDs from my friends without being able to view them. This lousy computer cannot even play them. My laptop has not even been sent for repair service. My camera is spoilt for goodness sake. And tell you what, I AM SO TEMPTED TO SELL MY VERY-GOOD HANDPHONE. It's too good for me so I might as well sell it.

Yea i am tempted but I will not do so. Why should I be angry with myself. crazy freakish arsehole. bleah bleah bleah. I am trying hard not to scold vulgarities cos I hate people doing now. Apparently my anger is too overwhelming.

DVD players are like so cheap la. Combined DVD and VCD players cost less than 100 bucks so what's the problem man? If I didnt plan to get a digi cam I wouldnt have been so bothered by it la.

I have decided to return the DVDs to my friends asap so that I wont feel like killing anyone when I see the dvds yet cant watch them. This is so frustrating. I've already tried my best to restrict myself from getting any DVDs/ VCDs from Poh Kim or any other shops. They are so hotselling now la. Grr. The only VCDs I have at home are Meteor Garden and MVP Valentine. I get so bored watching them cos I've watched them for dunno-how-many-times and I can narrate the whole plot to you with all the famous phrases used. Yea. The VCDs are almost disintegrating la.

I cant think properly now. I cant organize my thoughts. I cant make myself smile. I dont even feel like smiling. I cant even go for movies tomorrow. There's rehearsal for 4j class cip. My life dont rock.

If only year 5 orientation camp can continue for more days la. Then i can have my days filled with activities instead of doing nothing, and then staring at the stack of DVDs and feeling helpless. Reason being?


I am thankful for these sorrows cos they make me human.


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