Saturday, November 11

GMPS Community Day

I went back to GMPS for their Community Day fun fair this morning. Attended this concert at the hall. Not bad, my brother played guzheng for one of the performances. Then there was this performance by the champions of their Talent Quest. Two girls who sang really well. A Mandopop song (but I dunno the song name), incorporated with dance moves. Bravo, girls.

Then there was this funky hip hop dance by two lower primary girls. It wasn't fantastic la but the girls looked really cute and chubby hehe. Then it rained heavily and we had to get back home. Got to talk to quite a number of the teachers. And I spent ten dollars there and the funds will be donated to some elderly homes.

Ok and they distributed this postcard about Good Neighbour Day which is on 13 Nov. But I thought that day is World's Kindness Day? Ah anyway it's all about doing good deeds. No difference (:

Level camp ended last night with a finale dinner and everyone was dolled up. My attire wasn't exactly stunning. But pretty acceptable. The three-day level camp had ended, in the blink of an eye. I remembered not looking forward to it, feeling all sian. BUT, after the first day, I've been looking forward to the next 2 days of camp... despite feeling tired due to the late dismissal every night.

Day 1 of the camp:
did some team building games aka telematch. and also came up with cheers and nicknames for everyone. I initially nicknamed myself 'Twinklebell' which is somehow similar to my real name. But I became kinda 'extraa' cos there's no Peter Pan. Later I changed it to 'Pooh' and got myself another 4 family members, Eeyore (Jingwen), Tigger (Huanglin), Piglet (Sockhian) and Roo (Mun Yi). Then there's Spongebob and family, Pinky and the Brain, Lilo and stitch and Dori from Nemo. And tell you what, we have the best, cutest cheer ever in the universe =D Hi-5!

It was all high and enthu until the part where we had to break the paper with the egg protected by the straw. I wont go in-depth about it cos it's not exactly something to be proud about. And after reflecting about it, I felt ashamed and guilty. Whatever we do, it all comes back to the word 'Integrity'. That's basically what leadership is about. Yea that day we did something wrong. We were reckless. As a result we got labelled as 'cheaters'. BUT we owned up for our mistake. And we were determined not to repeat the mistake again. That's the spirit. That's HONESTY (: Hi-5 is made up of heroes and heroines.

Day 2 of Camp:
Most of the games organized by us were played on that day. And quite a few of the games required the tying of legs. And well my left foot got bruised really badly but the important thing is I had fun so it's worth the pain! =)

Went dragon boating just as the sky was turning dark, all ready for a downpour. But we went anyway. I felt giddy when I first stepped into the boat. whoa. haha. seasick. I sat on the left hand side of the boat so I am a left-rower or whatever la. I partnered with Xiu Li. After rowing to the middle of the Kallang Basin, we were told to sit on the side of the boat and rocked. It was so scary at first and obviously I screamed but managed to calm down after a while. We started to row near other boats and 'attacked' them but sea water was splashed all over us instead. And we had a race in the end.

Everyone was so drenched after the dragon-boating. Most of the girls just rinsed their hair and body under the tap then intended to change their clothes after returning to dhs campus. Halfway while walking back, we got caught in the heavy rain. wahaha then we had a picnic at some place with shelter. There's a Thai Village Restaurant there. We kinda feasted there and had a debriefing.

That night, the whole of Hi-5 skipped dinner to translate a song for our instructor, Siti. Actually we werent hungry la. hehe. Only ate fruits. Then we presented our song to her. We had a final debriefing and she gave us individual comments. Then she told us ghost stories. Eerie. And Mr Jason Ng almost scared us out of our wits cos he kept walking about haha. My left eye kept tearing during the debriefing. And it continued to tear after I went home. Must be becos too much sea water got into my eye. PAIN. But it seemed like the MV the Yuhan showed to us girls who went to her house that time for the movie marathon.

So yep it was kinda sad that the instructors will be leaving but all good things have to come to an end and that's one thing I cant understand and can hardly accept.

Day 3 of Camp:
AMAZING RACE! Fun but tiring. I felt quite sian and was quite quiet. In a 'cold' and dao mood. haha. And AMAZINGLY, Hi-5 won the amazing race! haha. Got $15 Borders Book Voucher. Whee! Did mass dance at Mt Sinai Campus before returning to dhs campus. Then changed and prepared for finale dinner. YY lent me her bracelet, very pretty bracelet. Ah loved it to bits haha and I forgot to return her. It has become a habit for me to wear bracelets. yep yep. I was amazed by the efforts put in by the committee to make the banner using the christmas light decorations. It totally rocks and looks romantic. waha.

The photo-video was quite long and there were some embarrassing shots of me dammit. but it can be seen that Mr Chia and Mr Biollo had put in alot of efforts, taking the photos and everything haha. did mass dance before having dinner. Was quite disappointed that we only danced once. I still can't get the front and back part but it's ok. I am starting to like the dance and enjoy myself.

Yep that's about it. Camp has ended but I have another 3-day of memories added for keepsake. Got to know my fellow dunmanians better too. And Congrats to the Camp King, Queen, Prince and Princess haha.

Cheers people. My current life rocks, despite all the bruises, aches, tanlines. LOL I got tanned leh! I'm loving it.

I have a movie date next monday... tuesday's class cip and wednesday to friday are class chalet's days! Whee. fun day. fun week. fulfilling life! (:


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