Tuesday, November 7

How true can this get

Msn Astrology: Gemini / This Week

Running from one thing to another will be your scenario. Monday you direct your attention to your own issues and desires. You may have to sift through a lot of missed emails, text messages and voice mails. You might be thinking along the lines of doing volunteer work, or lending your talents and abilities to an organization that would benefit from them. Saturday would be a great day to explore your options in that area. Sunday you and your romantic partner could run into a few difficulties, mainly due to the lack of time you have available for each other.

yea true. I directed my attention to shopping to my heart content at vivocity this afternoon. Great noon out with yiling and yunyin. Dusty and tiring morning spent in school to help with the packing of apparatus in science labs. yea I bought a tee from Mango just now. Branded leh. first time getting a shirt from there. But guess what, the shirt's not for myself. hee. it's for my haojiemei (:

One more day to go before level camp. Should I fear or look forward. no idea. My life's too busy to think about such insignifant emotions. LOL. But the teachers' efforts are really greatly appreciated. It's just me on that day... as in my mood that will impact my decision about whether the camp is great or not. Yea not to mention I have a presentation to do on Wednesday >< ah.

shall go and sleep. it's late. will be going to help with the packing in school tmr again. Ohya. An interesting bit, I went to school this morning and the security guard told me to exchange my ez link for a visitor pass after i told him that I was not taking any exams. erhem. what's the problem here. I was wearing dhs orientation yellow tee and dhs school skirt. so yea? And I definitely dont look like some potential terrorist. Ya la they are doing their jobs but sometimes it seems jus so nonsensical.

yea off to bed. night.


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