Saturday, October 14

POH Presentation

wheee. the presentation was scary but it was over pretty fast. Miss Eunice Olsen was one of the judges!! She's really pretty and charismatic and she wanted to get me a question but didnt get to as there was not enough time. Aw.

My voice was trembling the whole time during the presentation and I am glad that I am able to deliver my part over to the judges. I was feeling scared la. And while waiting at the waiting room, I was so nervous can.

I think all of us did a great job. Applause for POH (: whee.

There's gala at night and the GOH is our PM Lee. Will be welcoming him with a few other sec4dhp SCs. Today's really my lucky day. Will be meeting so many celebrities in one day. Some other ministers will be present too. Whee. I am so looking forward to this 50th anniversary celebration of my beloved sec sch.

One thing I am not looking forward to is wearing my long sleeve shirt and court shoes. Yea and guess what. I am going shopping in them. Furthermore I have Sun Lu's laptop with me leh. Jus now he rushed off after the presentation for his band rehearsal. and poor me have to lug the laptop to Suntec and pass to him later. hee.

I am feeling a little tired but filled with excitement for tonight's event. Ohya. I will be getting Fish Leong's album later. Wenxiang was brainwashing me and Boon Kian yesterday to get her album. And he kept singing her songs... and I really think that her songs are very niceee. Yepp I watched 'Qin Qin' and 'Nuan Nuan' MVs on I like 'Nuan Nuan' leh. There's another nice one called 'Ke Le Jie Zhi' but I cant find the MV.

I havent had much time to think too much lately. But I wrote a poem in chinese last night. Sudden and totally random inspiration. I will jus pen down whatever thoughts I have these days. Thinking too much makes me sad. I dont want to be sad cos I want to be happy. I dont want to just be sad over someone and waste my entire lifetime away. It's not worth it. Definitely. There are other people who care and whom I can care about.

Everything is cos of fate. Fate brought me lotsa sad memories but it is undeniable that fate has allowed me to see more things and know more people. Like my current best sistas - juehui, yunyin, yiling and of cos my cute-until-cannot-cute twin. My current classmates. My current teachers. My commitment for the past few months- POH. yep I am 16. I still have a long way to go. I am kinda lost in my future journey. I dont know if I should further my studies overseas. I may be lost but that's for the time being. I will find my way and strive for my goals. I can and I will.

I am so looking forward to the next yoga lesson. 1 and 1/2 hour of genuine relaxation. Love it. But I incurred muscle aches after the first session. Eh pain and aches are good. Shows that you're alive. yea I am loving it.

You know what, whenever I think of WTC, I think of all my friends and family. and in order to ensure that I will not regret it I will say it now:


life is short. say it when you still have the chance. most importantly, say it with your heart =D


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