Thursday, October 5


Watched Rob-B-Hood. Ate sushi for lunch. Bought my favourite honey almond. I am not feeling very happy though.

Dammit. I was offered free preview tickets to 'You, Me and Dupree' but I rejected the offer. Free tickets from a very kind lady. First time in my life being offered movie preview tickets and I have to reject it. Dammit.

Double dammit. Every book and even the movie I watched made me think of him. Funny eh. Anyway just a random thought and I really hate myself for that.

Rob-B-Hood. Fantastic movie! Action-packed, touching, CUTE. The baby rocks! Big eyes and sweet smile. Everyone should watch it. If I have a chance I will definitely catch it again. That is if I am not broke. If you are feeling sad watch it. It can really crack you up. Whee. The movie just rocks! Louis Koo rocks rocks rocks! The baby boy rocks even more!

Went to Taka and stepped into this Mid Autumn Fest Fiesta or something. Surrounded by all sorts of mooncakes and lanterns. It was a mistake to even step into there. Mooncakes. Can be seen but untouchable. I can't eat them. Maybe just one tomorrow but not today. People. So many people and it was so crowded. I can't stand crowded places. They simply give me headaches.

There's quite alot of shop at Taka. The library there is really neat. Shall go there again another time. The Kinokuniya rocks too. Whoa the large variety of books on horoscopes. Horoscope-studying should be made an official subject in schools =D

I shall not think too much but lately my mood has taken a turn for the worse. I don't know if it is because of my sudden change in diet. But whatever. I just get really catty sometimes. And beware. Just be careful not to step on my tail when I sink into bad mood.

Tomorrow's Mid Autumn Festival. How should I celebrate it? No idea. As long as I restrain myself from consuming too many mooncakes. I really feel like trying the ice cream mooncakes from Haagen Daz. Coated with Belgian chocolate. Looks totally delicious. But nah. Not this year. Next year perhaps.

I thought I have gotten over you. But this belief has ceased to be true. Because of you...


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