Sunday, July 9

Love at 0?C

Today's Sunday and tomorrow's Monday. There's only 43 more days to my EOYs. Actually I dont see the point of counting down cos I am not motivating myself much, more of giving myself more stress.

I went to Kallang Mac this morning for a P.O.H mtg which lasted for a few hours then I made my way back home. It's weird that I didnt feel like going anywhere but home. Perhaps cos I am too tired. I had a headache whole time at mac and I think it's the withdrawal symptoms of some tear glands' exercise which I did last night. Feeling better now. The sky's dark and it looks like it's going to rain any moment.

There's a new show on Channel 8 at 9pm on weekdays, Love at 0?C, starring Elvin Ng, Julian Hee and Rui En. Eh I know local idol dramas are quite lame. In fact idol dramas ARE lame but I like them ;) At least they give me the space to believe that fairytales still do exist despite that the story plots are about the same. Be it MVP Valentine, Green Forest My Home or Snow Angel, the show revolves around a girl and two guys, a love triangle to be more specific. Ya love triangle. The girl is so attractive that two guys want her then she has to make a decision and choose one of the guys, leaving the other guy's heart shredded. However, the guy who is not chosen will put on a brave front and says, " I dont mind as long as she is happy. Her happiness is my everything.'

So cliché right? Since I know what will happen then why do I still watch them? I have no idea too. And actually for your info, idol dramas are not exactly senseless laa. There're always quotes from a particular drama series which I will jot down to inspire myself =D

This post is so random that I dunno what I am talking about. But anyway this is my blog so i dont care.


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