Sunday, July 9

Are you Boy-Crazy

I just came upon this quiz on and I realised that being boy-crazy is actually a medical condition!

Er no i am not trying to say that I am boy-crazy or anything although some of my friends did tease me about being boy-crazy last time but no I am not. Cos I cant get any score out from the quiz. Phew I am perfectly all right (:

This illness is known as Male-Obsessive Cranialosis which is a frequent side-effect of being a young woman at the end of the twentieth century and often results in a woman's weakened sense of individuality.

In simplier terms, the woman with this illness cant live without a guy.

How dumb. There's so much meaningful things to do in this world than drooling and going crazy over guys. Things like service learning =D

For more info about the illness, check it out at



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