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Yay bel's back on blogging mode =D Let me see... whoa the last post was dated 30 June and it's 8 July already. So much has happened during this never-blog period. But I dont want this post to make you die of boredom so well I shall just pick the top5 most interesting events (:

1. I watched 'Superman Returns' with Peiyu on Thursday. Yay Superman's my hami. yea Hami ;) Dont get it? Aiya hami is honey laa. The movie's pretty ok I guess. Not exceptionally fascinating. Well cos it was pretty chaotic. We watched it at EW Suntec. And the sound effect was EXCELLENT.

I discovered that I might have a problem keeping awake these days when I watch movies. Because I've developed this habit of closing my eyes at some instants while watching movies during LA lectures. And the bad news is that this habit has followed me into cinemas. And that happened while I was watching 'Superman Returns'. HOW?!

The only solution would be to get enough sleep every night which is actually a challenge for me since I have turned into a nocturnal creature, thanks to DHP. I stayed up the whole night to chiong my LA film then went to sleep at 6am and woke up at 9am before rushing to school for the submission of the film and proposal. And during MI week, stayed up till 5am for the Powerpoint presentation. These two were the most taxing periods of my yr3 dhp life. But I am really thankful for my friends during these periods of time. Without them, I would have died at the hands of these torturous projects. They were my PILLAR OF HOPE at that time. And they still are. Really appreciate and love them very much =)

Ok that's quite alot of digression but never mind. I shall make it a point to sleep early every night. My late sleeping habit has also resulted in a weak immune system, causing me to fall sick every now and then. So please do me a favour if you happen to see me online at like 12 am plus. Remind me of this resolution k?

2. I met Beatrice at Aljunied MRT while Pei Yu and I were taking the train to City Hall. She still looked the same so I was able to recognize her. She recognized me too. Said hi to each other. It felt weird to see an old friend after so long. It has been around 4 years since I last saw her. We used to be good friends last time. Cos My register number was 3 and hers was 4 so she sat behind me for the 2nd semester. Yep really miss her loads and it's great to see her after so long. But I didnt really know what to say to her. I suppose this is the effect of not being in the same school, hence having nothing in common to talk about. Boohoo. I hate this.

3. Mr Kiw's love story. Mr Kiw came in to 4J for CME lesson. We started on the chapter of marriage and commitment or something like that. Then he actually narrated how he met his wife and their compatibility. His wife's HOD of CL in my primary school. Hehe. And I met her the last time I went back. Then I told her that I am a student of Mr Kiw. I supposed this is fate ;)

4. Geography Performance Task. Ah this topic is really going to make me fuming mad. To think there are still inconsiderate people existing in Dunman High. How ridiculous. I will still blog about it cos I have friends waiting to read about it. And this can serve as a warning to all yr4 geography students who are implementing their project currently.

We started on our project on thursday. Planting a can at the side of zhengxinyuan. But due to some problems of inaccuracy, we had to change our plan of planting only 1 can and observing it for 3 days to planting 3 cans at 3 different sites and observing them for just 1 day. And we implemented the new plan just yesterday.

Peixin and Jess were in charge of one can and they planted it at the moss-covered soil near the fish pond outside the science lab block. Yi Ling was in charge of the can at zhengxinyuan. Juehui and I tried to plant a can at the barren soil near zhengxin yuan but apparently the soil is too loose and the water actually escapes for the gap between the soil and can.

Before I continue, this project is to investigate the infiltration rate of different conditions of soils.

Ok so Juehui and I decided to try planting it at the barren ground on the school field and so we went. Ok we planted it. Then filled the can with water and started timing it. The cans have markings on them so that we can record the timing taken for 1cm of water to infiltrate. We made use of recess and the two free periods (originally UN Mock Conference's) to do this. However at 1130am, we had to return to class for Mdm Nora's LA lessons. We left the can in the field, with the water level near 7cm mark (Either 6 or 7 or 8cm. Cant rmb but that's not the main point)

After school at 12pm, we went down again to check on the cans. All were intact. We went back to classroom for our Geog remedial from 1230pm to 130pm. After that, we went down to check again. And upon reaching the school field with Yi Ling, what unfolded before our eyes was equivalent to a punch in my stomach.

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our Mili Longan Can lying tragically on the metal railing of the drain right beside the school field

Hello? Our hard work. You may laugh and call it 'lame'. But I would appreciate it if you keep your comments to yourself >< This geography performance task is a time-consuming one but it's part of our assessment for this semester. So we had to do it.

But the thing is, we didnt plant the can right in the middle of the field for people to strike it. Both Yi Ling and I know who are the culprits who 'uprooted' our can. Because while we were checking the can from 12pm to 1230pm, there was this boy who kicked a ball with extreme force and sent it heading towards to roof of the shelter, almost hitting me and Yi Ling. That was ok.

When we were leaving for geography remedial, the same group of boys if I am not wrong, went to the field and started playing soccer. We were like 'the ball better not hit our can'. And tadaa. The school field became the crime scene.

How inconsiderate. We found the can lying on the metal railing of the drain (or whatever you call it). We went to take a look at the spot where it was originally planted, only to see 2 round depressions. One made by us while planting the can. And the second one, according to Yi Ling, was made by the boys who actually tried planting the can back.

And apparently it seemed that they failed cos they dont have any idea of how to do so and left the can lying horizontally on the metal railing of the drain.

How can Dunmanians behave this way? Where's their 'Cheng, Xin, Yong, Zhong' ? Actually I also cant think of any ways that they can make up for their mistake. It may have been an accident yada yada yada. Yes. And the can doesnt have our class and names.

BUT THE THING IS, the boys were playing soccer as a form of entertainment and we are doing this project for our academics. They are most likely to be yr3s who are having their MI week and not required to go to school. And even if they go to school, they should be working on their project instead of hitting and uprooting our cans. Apparently there are some other cans on the field which are intact. Why is our can SO lucky then?

Now we have to do the timing and planting on Monday AGAIN. It's really tedious and taxing. Definitely not enjoyable, unlike playing soccer >,< and we have to submit the report by the Monday after the coming Monday. We dont have jus this project you know. We've upcoming tests and assignments. Thankfully, Ms Pear is understanding enough to extend my grp's deadline. THANK YOU MISS PEAR! (:

And so... I dont think my group has the time to find the group of culprits and confront them or whatever. 'Sorry no cure' anyway. But we will definitely learn from this lesson. We will pick ourselves up from where we fell and we will make sure no one trips us down AGAIN!

5. Chinglish and Singlish
I read today's Straits Times forum about the bad state of linguistic skills in Singapore aka the evolution of Singapore English and Chinese to the current Singlish and Chinglish. I have the same sentiments but sad to say, I am a product of this evolution. Speak to me for a few minutes and you can learn that whatever comes out of my mouth is a plate of rojak. Yea I was discussing about that to Pei Yu on thursday. It's like when I am speaking in English and I cant think of the right word to express my thoughts, I would just replace it with something in Mandarin without hestitation. Uh oh =X

I think one of the factors contributing to the deterioration of my linguistic skills is that I am currently in an all-chinese-students school. Which grants me the freedom to switch from English to Mandarin and vice versa since all my peers will understand what I am talking about in either languages. I see a terrible need for me to improve on my languages and I shant procrastinate. I will speak good English and better Mandarin (;

All right. I hope this post is interesting enough to keep you informed and entertained despite the length. No offence is intended by whatever is written in this post. And thank you for dropping by =D


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