Friday, May 26

dvc movie

hmm the computer's speakers not working as usual which means i cant listen to 'kiss goodbye'. Charging my zen neeon for tmr... so means i cant listen to fm radio. I dont feel like blogging but i think i should blog since i am online and not chatting with too many people.

went for tuition at sp jus now. Dad gave me a ride there then I went to popular and ntuc. I was very sleepy so bought a box of mentoes to energize myself. Then after 1 and half hour, tuition over and I walked out of the tuition centre... only to hear that very familiar song...

only love...

the chorus was playing at that time and I was curious about why the song was blasting so loud then i realised that people are dancing social dance to that song. whoa cool. When i reached the place itself, they were dancing to one song which was played during the social dancing lessons i attended for cip. cool! budden i dont have the talent to dance leh. so sad lor.

i've been visiting pretty regularly nowadays cos I think their daily horoscopes are rather accurate... and they have a 'quote of the day' daily.

Reader's quote of the day is:
"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." (Mother Teresa)--Fernanda, 16, Salt Lake City, UT

YES. how true. and when you judge people, you tend to overlook their talents and thus hinder them in unleash their potential. that appeals to that particular someone.

Teachers, no matter is tutors or instructors or whatever, should never judge their students by their abilities. ok at least thats what i think. hmm my ambition is faltering... but luckily not fading.

have cip tmr. i am quite excited. haha. 4j meeting at dhoby ghaut. so cool lor. like class gathering like that.

ohya watched dvc today. 2h 30 min movie. nc16. disappointing. draggy. not thrilling enough. disgusting scenes. not in-depth. lotsa parts edited. ending sarks. novel better.

thats my personal comments. dont not watch the movie becos of what i say. but i doubt my comments will have any impact on your decision well anyway its good or rather, better to read the novel before watching the movie... easier to understand but even though i read le i still quite blur during the movie.

one gd thing abt the movie is that it gives you some visual ideas of what the novel is talking about. i especially like the part when Teabing introduces The last supper painting to Sophie.

and btw the six of us actually screamed together at some parts of the movie as if like we are watching a horror movie. LOL.

i want to laugh when i see my horoscope for tmr. the special day of mine in 2006 that will mark the start of my maturity lol.

Your horoscope forSaturday, May 27, 2006
You have the whole summer ahead of you, and today's new moon will give you a treasure trove of ideas for projects and activities. You might be inspired to do something drastic to change your image to make it more obvious that you're open to new relationships. A change in your hair or makeup could help you appear as warm and friendly as you really are.

LOL well i actually suggested to jh that i might tie up my hair in two pigtails tmr. but upon further thinking better not. i will be doing cip. i dont want to 'attract' attention laa. but if a.a then can collect more funds also worth it. LOL see first

btw jh, you are losing ur bet! hehehehe

but only love can say... try again or walk away


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