Monday, May 15

moody day. as usual laa ><

erm I am feeling much better than in school just now. Service learning competitions are tedious and make me so upset. Argh detest them. I really hope that my peers can understand how I feel. I tried my very best to control my emotions. I didnt cry just now despite that large extent of rottenness I felt. Instead, I felt numb. I dunno how to react and how my teacher and friends expected me to react. Should I be angry? Should I be sad? Or happy and relieved? No idea. Thats why I chose to be emotionless which proved to be quite unsuccessful as I appeared to be upset.

Ah that might be a whole load of crap to you and I cant be bothered to explain what happened. Took a cab with yuhan and huanglin to peaceconnect to get Ms Phyllis to sign our endorsement form. Then went to bugis... Went to yoshinoya for lunch... then to bras basah's second-hand bookstores. Ah interesting experience. It was my first time going to second hand bookshops or at least I think so laa. I am used to patronizing Popular, Kino and MPH hehehe.

erm went to Icon. Nth much but a whole load of stairs to climb before reaching the shops. Our poor legs.

Today's assembly's really niceeee. Watched Royston Tan's short films then we had a Patrick's mini concert. LOL. you know that patrick guy from singapore idol I? I didnt watch though. Only got to know about him just now.

hmmm. there's soccer practice tmr. I am kinda excited laa. after eating so much during the weekend and today. I really should sleep early tonight. Slept at 330am on saturday and 230am last night. All thanks to the ... (fill in the blanks) ...

I am chatting happily on msn now (:

i need motivation!


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