Friday, May 19

finally the weekend is here

woohoo finally the weekend is here! I did not intend to come online but since my brother just finished using it and i happened to want to find shumin online, here i am. Apparently this twin of mine has this super duper bad habit and thats not replying my smses >< meanie!

anyway today's not too bad a day. Had NE quiz... it was quite fun but the last era's buildings were really expensive! lol i was abit blur and didnt noe that I was supposed to click on the ? to answer the questions. but anyway it was a great experience.

did not really sleep last night cos I scared I will woke up late again this morning. I managed to reach sch in time. whee.

geog lessons were interesting. ms pear definitely rekindled my interest in the subject. Its not that Mrs Lai extinguished my flame of interest but just that i kinda lost hope after seeing my SA1 results. Ah. shant talk abt it. its merely another bad case of disappointment.

Interclass was yesterday. I didnt blog last night cos have tuition then very tired... anyway interclass was pretty ok. I didnt play in the match. whee thats a gd thing for me. Liwen injured her leg and was stubborn enough to subject her wound to infection ><

we actually managed to score the first goal in the match. BRAVO! but we lost anyway. still I think that 4j girls performed really well. Dont be depressed. Dont be sad. It's jus a game. a friendly match. there were some insults and stuff but everything was fine in the end, just like how the rainbow always shines after a storm =D

as for the guys' bball match, they won 4A easily and we were quite astonished with their bball skills. They are really pro. sehh i must say. the match against 4d was tough and yea we lost but the guys had done their best =)

G O O D J O B. Good job good job. Good Job 4J!! (:

after interclass, we walked to kfc for a mini cls celebration or whatsoever. It was a really mini cls gathering. only 13 ppl went. (Kindly refer to Shumin's blog for the specific names). ate the fish fillet burger then couldnt finish the mashed potato and coleslaw so gave the others. after that rushed home then to tuition. I actually managed to reach the centre in time. whee.

as for today, nth much happened. i was abit moody. no cca today. stayed back to take photos with jls and the other students lol. smiled for the camera until my face numb leh. ohya we received our dhs dolls and my grandma got a shock when she opened the bag containing the dolls cos she only saw the hair. lol. the dolls were not as nice as expected. but nvm the school needs building funds =D

Interaction period was used for discussion for LA documentary. And I got insulted abt having the passion for volunteer work. but i didnt bother to explain. some people jus dont get it laa.

my left wrist is hurting now as I typed this post. I think i kinda hurt it when i was turning my wrist and adjusting the positions of the fingers when applying the left hand rule during physics lessons. I actually managed to enlighten twin on the left hand rule. well cos i am a good teacher and twin's a smart student ma =D

haiya its late and i should go and sleep. goodnight. theres a long young leaders talk tmr at singapore expo. woohoo and dvc is showing in cinemas !!

i thought so.
only to realise it was merely a deception.
An illusion i brought upon myself.
Ha. in fact it was merely a feeling of numbness.
the feeling of never daring to love again.
goodbye, memories~


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