Tuesday, May 23

whoa. cip lobang (:

yoohoo LA proposal done. Ying Qing and I are efficient people kkaes (:

There's a new CIP lobang currently... DHS, in collaboration with HCJC. Sth like the MINDS ticket selling thing last yr but I think this time will be slightly more challenging. There will be announcement made tmr morning during flag raising. Listen carefully for more details.

Anyway I might be doing CIP on that very special day of mine... lol its like so fast. but I am not counting down to it like how i did for the opening of dvc movie. I am weird ><

haiya. my legs are really ugly now. all thanks to those stupid mosquito bites. today's a fun day... I wasnt as high as yesterday but still I maintained a certain satisfactory level of optimism.

Ohya went to support 4j guys for interclass yesterday. apparently me and jh were the only two supporters other than the 2 reserve players. But i was super enthu laa and screamed and cheered lol. 4j vs 4b. 4j lost but its ok. they did their best. At least their score wasnt zilch or sth. yeppp good job! (:

went for konghwa tutoring today. quite ok but very tired today so abit sian diao.

gtg print LA proposal and do some constructive stuff. smsed jh jus now. feel so weird msging her cos too used to talking to her on the phone =D

kk. thanks to liwen... for sending me wangleehom's songs !

mosquitoes are sickening cann~!!


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