Sunday, May 14

bad temper of mine

argh. dammit.

i feel angry.

But i dunno why.

I just dont feel happy.

My bad temper's getting really bad lately.

I wonder who can tolerate it.

No one I bet.

Except my family members.


went to bishan to pass janice and merchandise. her rabbits are really adorable! ah and her home's really niceeeeee... and modern. what a wasted trip to j8. wanted to get myself a pair of new slippers or whatever that is called. but dammit i jus got into this terrible mood and felt like going home.

I can conclude that when i am in a bad mood, shopping doesnt help. I can only shop when i am in the RIGHT mood. There, I am off to complete the service learning projects. Ah sometimes opinions just clash and deadlines not met.

I have to learn to relax


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