Wednesday, May 17


grr i hate today. So stressed. All thanks to that L.A prince assignment. wdh. I didnt know that the all 4 critical response questions have to be answered so I initally jus picked ques2, wrote two pathetically short paragraphs on a new foolscap and told shumin I've completed and smiled. Then i realised that have to do all. bummer.

There's bio viva in the first period and I am lucky number ONE. It wasnt that scary though I was quite unsure about my prounounciation of some terms of the chapter. It was pretty short and I was shocked that it was over before i realised it. I was like ' huh thats all ?' then mrs tan smiled at me and said 'ya'. LOL. There was this point of time when I was at a loss of words. Could feel the butterflies in my stomach but I finally managed to mouth something out and whoa i think its correct. haha

after bio was phy prac. Today's prac totally @#$%^&^%$%$ laa. Cecilia and I were big blur queens. I dont understand the instructions and I was trying to follow what cecilia was doing and apparently cecilia was unclear of what to do and everyone around us seemed to know what they were doing. ah. lucky liwen gave me a clear explanation =) But still my timing were inaccurate... decreasing then increasing. ah. Managed to obtain all the sets of readings and for the calculation part, i shall deal with that later, after doing my csp proj. WHERE IS MS KOH SHU MIN?! WHY IS SHE NOT REPLYING ME ON MSN?!!???!?!?!

anyway cme was after phy and mr kiw was apparently not so happy about us returning back to class late. We are starting on the family planning topic i think. Then he was asking ' do you look for a tan lian ai de dui xiang or a good spouse?' or sth of that sort. Then i was telling shumin ' huh where got think until so far de?!' lol I dun even dare to think abt finding my mr right now la. my results sark. totally. So disappointed with myself.

Ohya went for lunch with shiling, joanne and liwen at kallang kfc after soccer training yesterday. then we were discussing about how hard it is to find a boyfriend in the education industry. LOL seriously its a fact. then they said to secure one in uni first lo. but want to secure one is one thing. can or cannot secure is another thing laa. maybe i will just be a social worker and spend my whole life serving the community. Yea lonely but meaningful ma :D

alright that was plain digression. Back to today's lessons. You know why I hate today? yea i mentioned above le right. About that stupid LA assignment. Was trying to do it during recess. Then there's still prac report. But heck care prac report.

After recess was e&i. liwen and cecilia were trying to teach me how to spin a marker between my index and middle fingers but they are jus not flexible enough la. Had a great time laughing but that aside, our e&i project is worth worrying about.

ah shumin's back, finally.

after e&i was...LA. I shant talk abt it. I definitely didnt enjoy today's lesson, not like I have ever enjoyed the dominating lessons. One thing worth mentioning would be we have another LA essay to do and it's due after june hols.

listening to jj's zhi dui ni shuo on 4j cls blog. the music coming out of the speaker sounds abit creaky or... haiya dunno how to describe but the speakers definitely are lousy ohman.

After LA was CSP. jls use it to teach hcl. then we watched two meaningful mv. one is about childhood which i like very much. The other one is about mother de. Then we had to rush the comprehension cos jls wanted to go through but in the end, she wanted to collect. Sigh. Then while we were doing, mdm nora came to our class. MDM NORA LEHHH!!! Our dearest form teacher. Then when i saw her motherly figure i started tearing uncontrollably. Ok it may sound stupid but i was jus so emo laa. Perhaps it was becos today too stressed le then see mdm nora jiu.. cannot control lo. Then everyone was like so startled to know that i cried. so embarrassing. second time crying in sch. after that mother's day emo event.

lunch was skipped. had to complete assignment. Chemistry. Went through prac test and test which i did badly for. I have the interest in chem but I am not excelling in it. Hence i conclude that interest is not equivalent to excellence.

Ms Lim came late for maths but she appeared to be very calm. haha. got back maths assignments. did pretty well. My tests sark but my assignments might pull the grade up, hopefully.

For csp, we were walking down to go bsp room, only to realise that mr fong has booked the room. we went back to class then headed to comp lab 3. was moody at that time. cos of my results. but after a while jiu ok le cos started playing with joanne, liwen and huishan. joanne got bullied. aw poor joanne. haha

after that went back to pia LA then went down to canteen to get food. I am guilty of eating 5 wantons. no 4. cos darren karped some.

practised soccer at walless classroom but too noisy and too little space so went down but field was occupied then we went to some ulu place behind the sec1 clsroom in blk a and practised there. pretty good environment. it was fun jus that my leg is hurting now. the soles of my right foot hurt badly... must be due to the para para dancing during the weekend. not really para para dancing. more like para para jumping. lol

took bus home and reached around 7pm. whoa so late. my mom and dad went to some opening ceremony of planet fitness at pp. my dad usually goes to suntec's planet fitness but cos pp got le then nearer so my dad's going there instead. i wan to go oso lehhs =P shall go with him one day and see the facilities inside o.O

whoa channel 8 9pm show is getting exciting. the bad guy always gets his retribution >< never do evil. alright better go to csp proj and not leave shumin in the lurch lol.

love is but an embellishment of life...


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