Saturday, May 20

National Young Leaders' Day 2006

Went to National Young Leaders' Day Talk at Singapore Expo Max Pavilion today. Inspirational talk. I am seriously motivated, which explains my 'high-ness' right after the talk. It was a really great experience.

Currently talking on the phone. very hard to concentrate on blogging leh. haiya nth to blog abt anyway. no one to talk to online... mosquitoes gonna start feasting on my legs. ah.

anyway i managed to get my bio textbook from school. thnks to CS handover party... the school not closed. wheeee.

i went jogging jus now and i fell down. wdh. almost sprained my left ankle then brushed my right knee against the ground. What an awkward pose... my knee is currently bruised argh.

ultimate MALU-NESS.

gtg byeee.


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