Tuesday, March 28

bad day. bad day BAD DAY

well today's a bad day and when I say its bad, it really is BAD this time. I have so much to complain about and my temper and mood swings getting worse and worse as the days go by. Depression sinks in and sorrow overwhelms me. life is no longer sweet.

everything in life just seems like a flop at this instant. what a bummer. Am I going to spend my last few months of my fifteen-year-old life like this??? There dont seem to be anything for me to look forward to anymore. And my ambition seems to falter and fade slowly. Even my passion threatens to disppear any moment. Is this how life is supposed to be?

When there is life, there is hope. Yea its true... but not all the time. When things start going wrong, it's hard to stay optimistic, plastering a smile over the face and smiling like there is no tomorrow. Its not that I dont like to smile. I dont have the energy to. The anxiety of life is getting to me, way too heavy.

Firstly, how do you gain respect when you dont respect others? Respect is a moral value. It has absolutely nothing to do with wisdom, intelligence or whateverso. It has nothing to do with status and superiority. To me, every human being on this earth deserves to be respected. Let's talk about people around us. Respect basically refers to the application of manners when borrowing one's property and most importantly, to me, it's also not restricting one's creativity. Being creative is a virtue especially to teenagers like us. This advanced world is all about creativity and innovations. And restricting them only serves to waste our precious youth.

Secondly, how do you expect others to be responsible when you are not? Especially when they are your juniors or someone under you. Do you think they will be motivated to be responsible? If no one cares. why should I care? If it's no one's business then why is it my business? If others can heck care, so can I. Typical mindset and undesired consequences. And yes indeed, this world is turning to be very undesirable. Or rather teenage life.

Thirdly. is volunteering work supposed to be a torture? NO! obviously not. Bringing happiness to others also brings joy to oneself. And not bringing happiness to others yet being unhappy. There is no genuine sincerity in bringing joy to others. You are doing so because it's an obligation. It's a duty. It's something against your will and definitely not voluntary.

Last but not the least, why does it never rain but pour?

Today, something weird happened in school after cca. Jue Hui and I went to the canteen to wait for our dads to fetch us then we decided to walk around the school field. Then we kept hearing thunder. It was around 5pm then. I saw lightning so both of us headed back to the canteen. The thunder continued to roar but there was NO rain. All the way till 530pm plus. There's still no raindrop but the roaring of the thunder continued. ER?


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