Saturday, March 18


dammit dammit dammit dammit. I wont elaborate on why I am pissed off in case I offend some people here. I shall be sensitive in my words.

Will be going out later to my grandparents' house and maybe catch a movie on the way or sth. haiya. totally pissed off and not in the mood. ah listening to my zen neeon might help.

Just replied cheryl's email. realised I miss her alot... cindy too. in fact my pri sch life, pri sch friends and pri sch teachers. I havent really gotten over the traumatising experience of leaving pri sch. I still miss the past a whole lot which is really unrealistic as everyone knows that it's impossible to go back to the past. What i can do now is treasure the present cos a few years later it will become the past. and pri sch, the past past. ha ha funny. but why am i not laughing.

maybe i should learn how to draw a clown face who looks like it's crying and laughing at the same time.

where are you?


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