Sunday, March 19

end of march hols 2006

back from tm. march hols end officially today and tadaa... there's school tmr. I am not sure if i should be looking forward to it or feel sad that the hols is ending... sigh. march hols are always like this but last year's was slightly different cos i went to paris and london during the one-week holiday then suffered from jet lag after returning to Singapore and having tonnes of homework undone. bummer.

this hols was not too bad. I did homework and stuff. Only that I didnt get to go out with my friends. ah nvm. june holidays will always come, together with my 16th birthday... WHEE. ah ha that's something i look forward to but before that i have to endure the reopening of school tmr. ohwells.

went to guardian at tm jus now. whitening foundation and protective tanning oil. how ironic.

friends forever


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