Sunday, March 12

arrival of march holidays

WHEE. the march holidays are here!!! I was out the whole day yesterday. Went to my maternal grandparents' house as well as my uncle's house. Attended his neighbour's daughter's wedding buffet. Then played with my cousins. Became closer with Huixuan. All thanks to the wang wang I bought for her. LOL she likes to eat as much as I do =D

Before going to my uncle's house, my mom and I went to Causeway Point's popular. Then at night after dinner at my grandparents' house, we went to Sheng Siong then my mom and I took MRT home. I've started reading 'Crying Out Love in The Center of the World'. The front part which I am currently reading is kinda boring but I guess it's slowly building up the climax perhaps.

I spent most of today slacking... I will start on my holidays homework tomorrow. WHEE. Will be going to suntec city later for the IT show... Hm Maybe I can finaly get a power adaptor for my zen neeon =)

My holidays are getting on great and it would definitely be better if I get a new hp. But the problem is I dunno which model to get. I grew sick of clamshell phones. As for sliding phones, I was only interested in Nokia 6111 PINK. But it's out of stock. There is no way I am going to get the black one. Ok it's classy but not my type. I shall go check out the nokia website. cya.


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