Wednesday, March 15

should be doing research

hm just did a quiz... really should be finding pictures now for my biology concept map but somehow I just continued to procrastinate. Went to the official book handover ceremony at temasek poly this morning. It was much more enjoyable than I expected except for that scary moment which I am not going to elaborate much on. Cos it's too embarrassing x)

Mr Sng long bang us to tampines MRT then me and jh headed to popular. How studious we are =D then flipped and browsed through books and stuff. Ah bored. Saw music diary cd but didnt buy. It's quite expensive... ok laa considered cheap for a cd but I dont really get cd nowadays so yea. But if it contains that fairytale story which I heard over the radio last year, I am definitely getting it. Took MRT home. Didnt shop around cos hmm nothing much to shop. No money also. Money for lunch was saved cos there was buffet at the ceremony lol. It was a wonderful experience and I totally love TP!! If i were to go to that school, i will want to study applied food science and nutrition. I have a cousin studying that... and another cousin studying engineering at tp. Ah food nutrition is so cool.

yep. Holidays have seemingly just started but it seems to be ending real soon. Today's wednesday already. 4 more days and tadaa~ back to school. I dont dread going back to school... But i need longer holidays. There are currently so many movies which I want to watch. Just that time and money are the limiting factors laa. haiyaya.

HRSS booth's a real success. A big thank you to everyone from dhs who supported. However the ylmp project didnt seem to have a complete wrap up or sth. Ah gonna do something about it. Campus superstar, congrats to Clara. You totally rock! POWER! Hm i am quite disappointed that yuyang got eliminated. He has the potential... and he resembles jaychou a little. and whoa he sings jay's songs really well. hm yep. hope he continue to jiayou bahs.

alright i shall go get started on my homework and hopefully complete them in time. Then hope that i can catch a movie tomorrow.... life goes on...

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as long as you are happy


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