Thursday, March 2


I know I havent been blogging for some time... and now that I've come online using the desktop in my living room to access the Chem powerpoints on Edulearn, I might as well come here and blog a little...

I seriously have some stuff to add on to my wishlist. Firstly, Nokia 6111. PINK one to be more exact. LOL I just love it so much.

Secondly I need a thumbdrive with bigger space so I no need to run to and fro between my room and the living room. It is a disaster for my laptop to not have any internet access. Alright it does have wireless internet but the connection is so slow that it can be neglected. ARGH. And the printer cum scanner cum photocopier is connected to my laptop and NOT the desktop and that doubles the inconvenience caused. Boohoo. How sweet is life har? I wont ask for a new internet connection for I have just recontracted. I shall be contented with just a thumbdrive with bigger space. thank you LOL.

Thirdly, I need a power adapter for my zen neeon. This item is not so important though. Btw I listened to the radio just now and the male contestants from Campus Superstar were on the radio show. I only heard the last part where they asked for votes. then the presenter was laughing so hysterically... and they seemed to be having fun recording the radio show. haha. I support Adriano!!! He is real cute lor.

Anyway I think my blog's getting more and more siannnnzzz but what can i do? My printer cum scanner cum photocopier is connected to my laptop and the program to transfer my photos from the camera is installed in my laptop as well so it will not be that convenient for me to load pictures into my blog and thats such a bummer. I am still trying hard to adjust to the new way of living, and that is not having direct access to internet in my laptop. It's really hard but I guess I am coping well. At least now I only use the desktop& internet when necessary. I shall be optimistic. Lifei s still sweet... I realised my mood has improved slightly these few days. Good good.

Went to geylang east library with Pei Yu yesterday. I returned the only library book I had with me, although I havent finish reading it, to be more exact, havent start reading it. Yep but I just cant survive going to a library without borrowing books. But it's a good thing I am tempted by romance novels and NOT chocolate. I fell in love with Chinese romance novels. I dunno why but I think Chinese romance novels are able to convey the meaning better... I borrowed this book which was made into a movie last year... Crying out Love in the Center of the World. And a recent movie, My Girl and I is also based on that movie. I am definitely catching 'My Girl and I'. WHEE. Yea even after the bad experience from watching Season for Love. There were no tears in my eyes at all. But thinking back. the stories were quite touching especially the part where the girl's boyfriend who is a fireman, confessed his love for the last time to a video camera cos he knew he was trapped in the fire and will die. Aww the girl was actually the last person on his mind before his death. How touching.

Ok you might think i am going bonkers or what. But I think indulging in the world of novels and movies is better than indulging in teenage love or rather crushes in reality. Nothing is forever and I wont take the risk. At least not for the time being.

i love reading (:

the library... so familiar yet so different... without your presence.


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