Wednesday, February 22

whee dao kia i am

today's a watermelon-filled day =D Anyway my life's filled with watermelon practically every day. My dad bought watermelon and I just ate 3 slices after having my dinner. I had 2 slices of watermelon in school after lessons ended. I was tempted to buy wanton but I managed to control my craving. WHEE.

I actually slept at 1030pm last night. Very tired... to the extent of feeling unwell. Had a fever cum flu this morning and I had to climb the stairs to the classroom slowly. Presented our rally speech during geog lessons. Thanks alot to those who bombarded us with questions HOR =P lol no offence laa but i was feeling pretty nervous during the speech. Then I became super agitated towards the last part of the speech. As I was the last person to speak, I had to urge the audience to vote for our party mah. Then I suddenly became agitated lor =P

I realised that I am quite dao these few days. I just dont seem to have the energy to greet people... I dont even like to smile that much now. Something is wrong and one thing for sure, I am not fulfilling my resolution of living every moment of my life. Sigh. I shall take a few days, say tomorrow till the weekend to reflect and improve on my attitude. I think I need to take a break otherwise my cheekbones are going to ache from all those smiling.

WHEE i will be watching 'a season for love' with twin tomorrow at orchard YAY. Then there will be discussion for ylmp project and if I could be motivated enough, i might even go downstairs for a jog. The workers are currently repainting the flats and I cant stand the smell of the paint. But there is nothing I can do laa. Just must ren3!!!

There's lotsa homework to be done tomorrow. Firstly, chinese yan jiang ci assignment. Then there's practical worksheets for triple sci. Hopefully I can complete Maths assignment by tonight. OK. I MUST complete maths assignment by TONIGHT. Thats better. What else... Have to read the chinese prose given by jls. E&I worksheets. And revision for maths test~~!

ahhh so many things to do yet so little time. So I must learn to zhen xi shi jian ! And make use of the 24 hours daily to the fullest. Btw I have a goal now and I am determined to achieve it but it's gonna be a long term commitment and requires lotsa perseverance... Of cos the first thing I have to learn is to control myself from giving in to temptations.

You think you know what's my goal? Well it's for me to know and for you to guess/ not know. I am not going to announce in case it fails for the dunno-how-many-times. But I think and hope that I will succeed this time. Especially since my family and friends are all supporting me!

Btw I have decided to add Tasmania to my travelling list. WHEE. And you know what, it's a great place to go for honeymoon if you like countryside life.

I am currently reading this chinese story book on teenage love. CHINESE leh. can you believe it? I cant at first but I managed to. I borrowed it from the library. And it's something like a teenage drama just that it's a book laa. And the story somehow reminds me of Meteor Garden's Shancai and Daomingsi and MVP Valentine's Gaoxing and Barbie =D Very nice book. Alright I think I am off to do my maths assignment. Cya.

happily in germany (:


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