Friday, February 10

weirdy me

ah I think I caught a flu and my voice sounds funny. I am not feeling any better although I am blasting the laptop speakers with Jaychou's songs and leaning on my favourite hello kitty cushion on my chair. My mood seems unstable and seriously I feel weird. I am charging my zen neeon now cos I will be going out tomorrow and in case some life events get on my nerves too much, I will just blast the speaker with my favourite emotional songs.

I just did two quizes at and the results are not accurate cos I am not in the right mood. Therefore they are not posted here. Today's not too bad a day I guess. HCL test was scary. It was hm easy but I just cant relax... as in I wasnt at eased at all when doing it. Ah. I hope I pass.

The highlight of the day will be Art Club. I always look forward to Art Club and I get really high on Fridays. Wearing the art club tee as an identity. I feel a sense of belonging to my cca. We took down the cny noticeboard decorations. Ok we didnt win any prizes this year. Yea you can laugh for all you want but we dont care. We did our best for the board, both the seniors and juniors. It may seem like a joke that Art Club didnt win. Well you are just plain ignorant laa. You dunno the tough process we went through and the difficulties we met with. It wasnt an easy journey. Laugh all you want and till your teeth all drop out. We will not give up !

Anyway we decided to decorate the board with a Vday theme. cos vday is next tue. Had lotsa fun discussing stuff with the comm. I acted like a fool at some part of the time and one reason why I enjoy art club is because I get to present my lame jokes to others and also to see others' reactions. hehehe. there was some 'matchmaking' part in today's meeting. All thanks to Cecilia and Juehui. ARGH. I hope no third party know about this ok! ><

Cecilia played some lame games with Charmaine, JueHui and me as well. And I made a fool of myself in front of everyone from art club. AH. Ultimate embarrassment. CECILIA!! YOUR FAULT LAA. =P oops i shouldnt be rude... afterall i am her maria =X... ever since that fateful day last year LOL. Art Club comm will all crack up whenever we are reminded of that fateful day. wahaha.

Wow I am finally laughing. but well it's not a true laughter from the heart. Ah what happened to me?! I can talk so much at one time and the next moment I am as silent as whatever-you-can-think-of. wdh. I need some privacy to myself. yes now. bye then.

how i wish i could revert back to my old self


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