Tuesday, July 26

hawick lau ahhh (:

jus realised in school jus now that xiao an from kindred spirit is called hawick lau. *beams. he is currently acting in the drama at 9pm every weekday, destiny. omg lorhs. he super shuai (: falling head over heels in love with him. nice name too dun you think so ?

tanned, deep voice, handsome, nice smile, thick eyebrows, attractive eyes, tall what more do you want in a guy (: hehehehes. hawick rawks laa.

but but. he is 30 years old. hmmm too old for mii liaos. twice my age. booo. UNFAIR~ humph.

he looked so cute in the kindred spirit, on channel 8 every sat and sun at 430. he was cute last time and now he is handsome. yupps very handsome. hehehes.

what can i say. he jus rawks. but heeees. no harm admiring him from afar.


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